100 thoughts on “Hide ‘N’ Seek in a Haunted Jail!

  1. Tyler: never yell at ghosts

    Derek: GOSTS TALK TO ME!

    Rachel: we’re staying the night .

    Caoime: unsettling

  2. I know she was talking about the camera man, but at 4:55 she said "Eddie, you come with us." LOOK AT MY NAME!!!!! 😖😯😱

    Edit: I meant 4:54

  3. Am I the only who gets pissed cause there being rly loud and joking around and you can’t find out if the things are doing anything??😂

  4. I think that Tyler went crazy when you were playing that prank on him and I heard Caoimhe say “unsettling” Four times

  5. Tyler: convincing himself that everything is OK.
    Everyone else: laughing, joking, talking, playing.
    Tyler: feeling insecure

  6. The fact they didn’t hide and got Tyler looking for them in the whole hunted place when anything could’ve happened to him 💀

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