Hide & Seek Cops and Robbers! Cyber Spy VS Cyber Security!

– [Kyle] This video is sponsored by HACK. – Hey guys, welcome back. Come on in. We’re at the cyber security booth for another game of Cyber
Spies versus Cyber Security. What is he – Oh, he’s going for the tall box. He’s trying to get that yellow box. (maniacal laughing) – [Kyle] Guys this is so intense. Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games, let’s have some fun! (upbeat music) Hack is the only full stack, everyday laptop that’s
a standalone computer that helps kids learn coding through games. Hack is a safe environment to learn coding and computer science. Hack is so fun, you can go
to the back of the game, and you can actually hack to win. Hack makes learning code so fun. Hack releases new games
and challenges every month so as you evolve, so does the game. You have to know how to code
to be good at cyber security. Check out this game guys. Oh no, it popped! So you can blow up the screen and you can go over here and you can actually write your own code. Guys, check it out, I’m
actually writing code. So I did this show delete tool and I made it true, ’cause
it used to be false. So then when I flip it around, I can press the delete button and I can delete these and win the game! Guys look, my cursor is cheese, whoa! (laughs) That’s so funny. I can hack it to make it like glitch out so it’s upside down. That’s so cool! You know what, it’s time
to go get Gage and Luke and start the game. This is how the game works, me and Gage are cyber security and Luke’s the Cyber Spy. (suspenseful music) – Here’s the rules of the game, the Cyber Spy is trying to
collect these three mystery boxes and it’s our job to stop him – If the Cyber Spy collects one of these mystery boxes, he gets one of these cyber powers. He can take away one of our cameras, he can have his own camera, or he can glitch into the
whole entire camera system. – Oh no! He’ll be able to see what we see, that’s gonna be really, really bad. – But don’t forget, we have two firewalls. If the Cyber Spy is in the facility and we hit this firewall
button (bell chimes) and then that means he has to drop whatever he has in
his hands and get out of the building as fast as he can. – Okay, that’s good. But remember, we only have two, so we have to use them very wisely. We have to be careful when we use them. – Yeah. Are you ready to play Gage? – Yeah! – Let’s do this! – Let’s go. – I hope your hacking
skills have improved, ’cause mine have. Let the game begin. – Come on Gage! – Oh, you got a new hacking computer! – Yeah, it’s so fun. – Have you gotten better at hacking yet? – Yeah, I have. – Oh, nice. This is gonna help catch – Whoa, the lights just changed. I think that means the Cyber
Spy’s gonna try to get in and retrieve the boxes. Okay, let’s pull up the security system. Okay, I’m ready. – We gotta keep a close eye. We gotta be like hawks and
watch for him really good. – You wanna run up there
and get him if he comes out? – Sure, yeah! Alright Kyle, let’s look in the kitchen. We gotta keep our eyes
peeled so that we can see the Cyber Spy. – So, kitchen.
– Right there. – [Kyle] This is a perfect spot. – [Gage] Yeah, I think this is one of the more important cameras. – [Kyle] There he is. – [Gage] Wait, wait, wait we gotta see which mystery
box he’s going after. – [Kyle] Okay. Should we do the firewall? – No, I don’t think we should do that this early in the game. – What is he Oh, he’s going for the tall box! Okay, I gotta run up there. – [Kyle] Okay, go go! – Okay, guys he’s trying
to get the top box. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Oh no, he escaped! Guys, oh no! He got so close. The good thing is, he didn’t get the box. – Ah man Good job Gage! – At least I chased him out of there. – Yeah, he almost got that one top box. – All right, and that’s
like our most important box. I think that’s gonna get us the win. – So – We just gotta wait for him to find the other boxes and find those. – Gage, so this time I
actually think I should run up. – You wanna run up? Okay
– Yeah. – I’ll keep an eye on the cameras. I think he’s gonna try and come in through the patio door
looking for this one. I don’t know though. Kyle, you gotta stay ready, all right? – [Kyle] Wait, wait, wait. You see him? – Wait! Wait! Go get him, go, go, go, go. He’s trying to get that yellow box. He’s running out! (maniacal laughter) – [Gage] Wait, what? (background noise drowns out Kyle talking) No, I think he already got out with one of the mystery boxes. – No! – [Gage] Oh no! (groans) That’s okay. That’s okay. We still have two more mystery boxes that we have to worry about. (Kyle sighs) Man, I can’t believe he got out. – I think you’re faster at running. – You think I’m faster at running? So I need to be the runner? – Yeah.
– Okay. – You’re way faster. – Okay, and plus you’re better at hacking, so you need to stay here
and look at all the cameras. – Ooh, let’s see what I got here. Oh, ho ho, take away a camera. – Whoa, whoa, whoa wait, what? No! – No, he just
– No took down the camera. – No! No, that was one of our
most important cameras. – Hey, at least we still
have that dining room one so we can actually kind
of see the living room. – I don’t know, he’s just gonna be able to crawl under the camera
and get that box though. – Oh, look – There he is, there he is. – [Gage] He’s just
sliding over the counter. – [Kyle] (laughs) He just
started sliding over to the – [Gage] I know, wait. Oh, he’s going up for
the one in the kitchen, let’s wait a second. – [Kyle] Okay, um – Wait, wait we gotta firewall him. – Okay. – Three, two, one. (buzzer rings) – [Gage] And… – [Kyle] Okay – [Gage] Firewall! – Okay, let’s go it’s firewall. – Okay, gotta go escort him out. – [Kyle] No! (mop clangs on floor) No! – [Gage] Nice try, Cyber Spy! – [Kyle] I thought we’d
never catch him again. – [Gage] Get out of here! – [Kyle] But remember, we
still have one firewall left! – Nice!
(hands slapping) – [Kyle] Yes! (Kyle cheers) – Okay, I wonder what mystery box he’s gonna go for now. – I think he might go for the living room, or the kitchen one again. – I think he’s gonna go
for the kitchen one again, he got really close last time. Where is he? – [Kyle] What the? – [Gage] Oh. Wait, which one is he going for? – He’s not going for the kitchen one, he must be going for the living room! Go! – I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go. No wait, you gotta stay
down here and watch him. – [Kyle] Come on Gage, you can make it. Make it, make it. Oh no, he got the box! Oh no. (maniacal laugh) – [Gage] No! – [Cyber Spy] Second mystery box! – [Kyle] Oh no! He got the second mystery box. All he has is the kitchen one. – He got out! – This is my second mystery box. There better be something good in here. Ah ha! Oh, hack the cameras. Just like a professional Cyber Spy. Now I see what they see. That box is pretty high up there. I don’t really have anything I
can climb on to get up there. I’m gonna have to figure
out some way to get it down before they can catch me. – Guys, it’s the last
round and the Cyber Spy has two boxes, oh no! Wish us luck! – We’ve still gotta protect
the one in the kitchen. – Yeah, that’s the last one. I don’t think he can get it because he was struggling last time. – Let’s switch to the kitchen camera. – Yeah, smart. Okay, now you can see the mystery box and that door. – Okay, I wonder which door he’s gonna be coming through though. – [Kyle] He always goes
through the patio door, see? – Oh, he’s coming through the patio door. Okay, remember we still have one firewall. – Should we use it? – Not yet, not yet, not yet. (sneaky music) (sneaky music) – Okay, Kyle, I’m gonna try and sneak up there and flank him, and if you think he’s gonna escape then hit the firewall. – Okay! (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Guys, this is so intense. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (shouting) – [Kyle] Oh, yeah he got him! Woohoo! – [Cyber Spy] I’ll be back! – [Gage] Get out there. – [Kyle] Good job, Gage. You saved our last box
from being captured! Guys, that’s the end of the game and we won! Woo! Let’s go! Oh yeah, Gage, that was so
(hand slapping) awesome.
– Yes We won! – Yeah. – And a big thanks to Hack, again, for sponsoring this video. It was so fun! That’s it for this video. If you liked this one, then you’re definitely
gonna like these other ones, ’cause I picked them just for you and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye! – That was awesome, I
can’t believe we won! – Woo!
(hand slapping) – Yeah! (fun music)

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