High River, AB Donation – NHLPA Goals & Dreams / RBC Play Hockey

For the kids in this area the Calgary Flames
are their heroes and to actually get to meet them and shake their hands and play a little
bit of ball hockey its just one of the most exciting things for these kids Most of the players within this High River
community lost all of their sporting equipment It was either in basements or garages. It hits close to home for us playing in Calgary
and obviously people from High River are supporters of our team. I can look back to when I was a kid, if my
hockey equipment got destroyed I would be devestated The NHLPA Goals and Dreams fund has given
over 60,000 pairs of equipment, that’s a huge number and this is the first one I’ve been
a part of so its very special. Anytime that you can get the participation
of NHL Hockey Players and RBC to come out and be able to buy equipment
for them its amazing. We are really appreciative of the support
from the NHLPA and at RBC we’re just so pleased to be a part of the community. Sponsoring hockey is so important to us and
we’ve been in the game of sponsoring hockey since 1947 so this is a nice continuance. Its the best feeling in the world going to
the store and picking out new equipment with your your parents when you are younger, but probably
one of the worst feelings is putting the new skates on for the first day. If you’re a hockey player and you love hockey
growing up and playing, I think hockey equipment is like those are your toys. Sleeping with a new stick and bringing it
to bed with me or new skates, it was awesome. When they came and said that they were going
to donate these brand new bags all logoed up with the NHLPA and the RBC on them
I mean kids are just thrilled. It’s nice to get out here and see that the
recovery is on the way and as Players anytime we can come out and give some support and
help them out, it’s great. I don’t think that the four Players that are
here to day and you guys involvement, I don’t think you’ll ever understand what you meant
to this town today. I mean, just today. Just being here today and having this event. But
then take that forward to all of these kids who are now going to be able to play hockey,
that you fitted for equipment and they all got jerseys and and all got helmets, look
at the excitement in these kids eyes. You guys have changed peoples lives you’ve made
this town that much better going forward, so I think the impact from RBC and the NHLPA,
I don’t think you can ever describe how big of an impact you’ve had. I pretty much just go hard after Giordano
and Galiardi, they’re pretty tired out there, they’re out of shape so we’re doing pretty
well, I think we came out with the win. Is it dump and chase style? Oh ya, for sure. With me and Stajan it’s always
dump and chase.

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