Highest Major League Baseball Scores Of All Time!

There’s no shortage of statistics when it
comes to the sport of baseball, and you might be surprised just how impressive some of these
stats are. In fact, we’ve got some of the highest scorers
from baseball history lined up for this episode of That Was History! Baseball has been a popular sport in the United
States and around the world for a very long time. Local US journals were referencing the game
as the “national pastime” as far back as 1856, and the National Association of Baseball
Players was formed in 1857. This has given professional players plenty
of time to make their mark on the game by setting and breaking sport records. Today we are going to focus on some of the
records that surround high scores. Kicking off the individual player category
is Billy Hamilton. He set the season record for most runs scored
while playing for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1894 with a total of 198 runs. The “modern-day” record, which is considered
anything from the year 1900 forward, is held by the very famous Babe Ruth of the New York
Yankees. He scored a whopping 177 runs in his 1921
season. If we expand this to a player’s entire career,
Rickey Henderson holds the title with 2,295 runs over his 25 seasons in the major leagues
between 1979 and 2003. As if player stats weren’t impressive enough,
let’s take a look at some team scoring records. On June 29th of 1897 the Chicago Colts (now
known as the Chicago Cubs) defeated the Louisville Colonels 36 to 7. Every single player in the Colts’ lineup scored. Even the pitcher had 4 runs of his own. The Colts certainly had the game in the bag
early one, but what’s even more impressive is that two of their best innings came at
the end of the game with 7 runs in the 8th inning and 8 runs in the 9th. I’m surprised Louisville didn’t just walk
off. Gotta give them props for finishing the game
though I guess. The closest any team has come to breaking
THAT record was on August 22nd, 2007 when the Texas Rangers scored 30 runs against the
Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles only scored 3. Again, good job Orioles for sticking with
it to the very end. That’s all you can do. So…We’ve talked about the players, and we’ve
talked about the teams… now lets talk about the best part of any Major League season:
The World Series. None other than Mickey Mantle of the Yankees
holds the record for most career runs during the World Series with a spectacular 42 runs. Mickey was a 7 time World Series champion,
so it should be no surprise that he holds this record. Coincidentally, the New York Yankees also
hold the World Series record for total runs scored by a team in a series game. On October 2nd of 1936, the Yankees were playing
the New York Giants and came away with a total score of 18 runs. This was their first year without Babe Ruth,
but it was also their first year WITH Joe DiMaggio. He would end the October 2nd game by running
up the steps of the Polo Grounds clubhouse to catch a 490 foot deep ball to dead center
hit by Hank Leiber. President Roosevelt, who was in attendance,
saluted Joe for his great catch as he rode off in the presidential limousine. That’s how you end an already impressive game
right there. So… Do you like any of these high scoring record
holders? Leave us a comment and let’s talk about it. Also, check out our Highest Scoring Football
Game of All Time video. I guarantee that you’re gonne be shocked by that
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  1. At 3:00 , that is a damn cool aerial shot of the polo grounds and the massive rail yard next to it….I like both trains and baseball ….a double win! Thank you.

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