Gorgeous part of the world here. We are welcome everyone. The shrine is considerably the earliest example of to look Architecture and one of the most impressive shrines in Pakistan the tomb of sure optimal am located in Multan Pakistan Was built between 30 20 and 30 20 So I got to get a bit faster through that you’d like to Tails is the call. It’s a head Some 1000 won the toss son What do you want to do and why we’re gonna bat first Then first cuz they’re going to get things kicking off rather nicely Vincent to the side and so sir But Earl battey like in I’ll bat Meister’s back, but I see and when you look at the side They really have got some good balance and I’m looking for to the 7-footer. He’s gonna kill a few today On the other side of the equation got woke our unis alongside he’ll carve this to pieces He’ll love it and he’s got a couple of changes there as well Evan you an or alley here We need their police graphics do something graphics dogs this is struggling against him a Little bit of flight live on wood and doubted beautifully that was a poor delivery end of the oven five with a lot Z Sharon’s strike Oh Ripping yuca, and he squirts it alive Shiro hyperforin very very lucky Shazam New Zealand New Zealand have produced Nice that it really is But just underlines again here as far as the outfield So easy not a problem at all rovings wins looking for the black delivery it will come Just like that. Oh I reckon Shazam thought he was in business there didn’t quite time it and He’s perished well, this is what happens when you don’t get a Good start your hands get tired And you’ll hit the ball straight into the hand it was there to be hit just Because he was anxious that is the reason why here in Indy and The same shot how we could take up picked up a wicked off Zhi Shan I should have gone camping with this Lana Santa Cruz and Vince in a hurry Daisy’s full founder That is a crack Back-to-back families here from the Englishman Once again That’s why The captain himself running to him and telling him This neither go pool or both short That length will be smothered Shall we separate each other and parcel in the Gulf? Giving a little bit of room and what a result But actually in control that time he was bringing your legs and he lost his shit, but this one moved across pretty early But was in control and knew exactly what he was doing. It’s an over extra boundary Well James Vince has been trying to up this scoring road as much as possible Once again weakness to let them spin Trying to heave this over the fence Get it way too high Got it a little bit high on the bat Jubilee sapiens moment out in the deep second we get false Big wicked events 44 – Wonderful shuffle of the feet is easy if you like When he’s on song he makes backing looks so pretty Lassy cover drive. Yes. I did a check through the offside. It’s all that was needed It was a very difficult shot and he’s played it with such elegance Who are Chopin Oh now they’ve picked it out of the hand just could only manage inside it the third wicket Falls The slow one yet again ball never really arrived He’s almost through the short before the ball arrived cutting with a cutter This missus moines That’s a big we get huge wicked and that man again doing it for gladiators There’s a wonderful drug For birth sweet elevation timing He’s so good and running On the bowling so far is going to case study in miserly Right Luthor he’s gonna pick them up and blown away One Let’s go just set up beautifully doing us then That is massive Riley Rizzo is picked that beautifully another HPL Horniman 6 145 now This was one of the bigger ones I saw nine. She’d roll the fingers on that a little bit, but for the big enough changing pace Rather or so. Looking dangerous 92 meters that last hit and he wants more 41 of 20 where does man go now? To yoga My life I was a captain and be going up to my young bowler and saying What has worked for everybody else then pace on the ball? I don’t care how you do it You fall as slow as you possible 100 70 now In with the flow Watch the young Shane Watson trying to jump up in the air doesn’t work Deadly variety resolved just 23 deliveries three maximum than that Another fifth off the board playing like a spinner Every now and then you see an innings that’s special and this is one of them Do not go anywhere Riley or so? kicking the eyes Out of each of these Quetta gladiators bowlers. I’m on the luck back on the leg side fence And shuffled around the field it’s made no difference Unique fielding t20 cricket for man inside the circle from cover around a short third man How much she can bowl that while the slow ball into the pitch who can and look how much movement Riley or so As shown I’m sure It has been laced into the covers and he does gonna throw they’re dealing in boundaries here for the malt and so turns Well, things are getting out racing Inside Now as this being side we’re gonna have to probably come upstairs and just have a look if this is being saved from the boundary Yeah, the effort was good pull marks to the effort and I’m not really sure that this I Think is touching the rope When he’s pulled about ball back into play Mohammed Nawaz One of the best builders we’re the gladiators Wouldn’t really pull it back For more Yeah, I’m with you just there your hands on it, I mean Tim very difficult to stop their Signal Nikki mr. Yahoo! 6430 deliveries Sectional yeah, and he goes, there you go Magical stuff here in Multan partnership around 100 or 53 deliveries Does he get animated or what skipper? Beautiful movement simple as They’re in the mood and in the groove these two and makes it look easy it is masu dealing in boundaries That not only do one side both sides Off the page and that also brings 150 Still four of us to go 75 runs in the last 5 overs Were nice got to control, but I’ve got to control this It’s gone down boa and better of playing This is quite a solid clash, I think that skipper was looking where he hit it Wasn’t watching Because he’s just admiring he strike play because he got it so sweet. This is dissipated very quickly Room there once again for an Masood he wasn’t really looking both of them are looking at the ball So he was hoping that this will not go to the boundary and Shawn Massoud was Hoping that will go and there you go pushed him a little bit, but that’s okay Just an accident, it’s okay. They’re both good for in mine. Let’s top draw This on get outta here Novelist striking again from Raleigh Reserve Crab right royally into tiny We all part that this piece might play a little slow it’ll be a hot little knot for Riley Russell Slowed one and hit it hard high and handsome that’s gone out of there Water hitting his fifth maximum Changer this one Ends the overnight amazing hitting Sounds – Pete – You’ve got the artistry of shah massoud not trying to boss shit Budgin it and leave there – right Larusso Is now under the 40’s nicely Massoud Very calm John Mossad Not real Russian to that stroke a genuine cover drive on that full toss the priming was brilliant deliveries This is not gonna work As between the two fielders cover and mid off that’s gone quickly Just watching surprise there – once that went through cover just turn these back and look back towards us in our commentary position Missed the length again young man He’s having one of those days on the learning curve. Mr. Joker mr. Link Bruce Oh didn’t Another four to Riley who’s now 80 far from 35 striking. Well, let’s call it 243 And the leading run-scorer in the season so far Righteous Yes, 780 knock that one out can And he’s just face But he’s won 1098 from 41 Well, this piece is not going to harm him He’s faced the same shot his face is land Sohail Khan his lot slower. That’s why he’s used his feet Got to the pitch Although he didn’t get in the middle because Riley Russo is one away. He’s ninety nine from 40 to Sakai Oh Fastest-ever the PSL You better believe it buddy Hp/lb yourself masters hundred it’s the seventh in the history of the HPRP yourself and by jingo It’s the fastest no surprises there Cameron Dell pork and a hundred last year and forty nine balls, but Riley Russo Also from the rainbow nation tough gig for the bowlers Beautiful round 200 as the target for the gladiators to get up and take out match 12 and season five Can they do it exactly ten and over? very dangerous Lucky des and Roy that he’s site early. He reacted really nicely free hit Slaughter delivery, it was still golf before good start by quoting the gladiators Now The follow-up thought is going to be short Let’s throw you with a fastball. I’ve actually been no balled out of an attack and before And after you bowl the first one make sure that the next delivery is not a fool to us again Almost a chance terrific darling if the pack would point The only given 65 runs So what we need to do is we need to keep nudging the ball into the gap the third boundary of the ova 14 in the first of But missus this time strain down the leg Plain lots and feasting all over that when you ball that inswinger. You cannot really go riddle stumble legs done That is a delightful stroke, look at umpire Shane Watson’s on a roll Standing and all over this time but this Android is probably saying to block them that if you can do it, I could do it fitna continuing around the wicket a Hell chiki chiki seen him give himself some room this time guys the other way Wow Short into the wicked paved way Well, what a follow-up short pounded the six full hit before Little click with the 50 coming up now and shot the powerplay but winter that being found No, no, no, no so high that Horribly wrong these last two Jackson boys his sick as a pig He could have hit it. Anyway fact, he should have hit it now 15 rows back now. He’s walking back to the pavilion I’m not too sure how sick pigs get Danny but he could have hit this anywhere. He filled Right after the man didn’t even really need to move Again kg bowling brings about the first wicket. I’m acting wicked Jason Roy One throw these are throwing a half that’s flying away catch that buddy What up Is another one from hell Earn 50 tournament sixes HVLP SL this one stack there and said hit me Shane Watson oblige too much power Flight here there in the slowness, but he’s got this guy 100 extra for more bets Good little battle at hand. Mmmm to hear again the same delivery this time earring too full Great delivery the previous ball and this time it’s a bit too full great shot And again, there’s an extra comma Almost alone. He’s lost in the Sun at sitting here rather quickly Ilyas that was so on But instead it’s gone all the way for six more and the Kobo Glo Sixer they’re done adding another twenty thousand rupees to charity for this one. Oh, no What have hit him in the eyes Oh Upon all the excuses in the world cuts of sunglasses being run out to him And that is mastic gets with 50 talking about being the journey where he’s done Well, he’s time is to perfection drag himself a little bit of room again This is going straight up the chimney Monali under it What are you doing Oh His sister came right here Maureen early runs on her normal sloth in celebration his hand time with the ball and then Hand time off the bat moines ally had too much time to think about it I just wonder whether they wanted that week at the previous fall over this one Adam the man dismissed you always celebrate a week at guess than how big a moment in this game and that three is for Shane Watson well said Burn wicked Falls Finally someone held on to a catch Good catch short catch in the deep reds. Come alive Miss Ellen core runs are on defense good start to the Oh for cutting As easy as you like Feasting on her fun when he errs in length Wonderful With a wicked extra color try The key today And Capcom one idiot to defend inside by the crowd noise bit of a loud. Oh My word that is enormous Shane Watson, he’s on fire Kind of block Brute force and strength 150 50 years 106 nothing for him though Up and away This time He’s taken this one and look out shut the gate stop him into here from leaving the stadium He literally left the stadium Wow, he knows this was important this was big Monali was under so much pressure dropped him earlier. He wasn’t gonna draw at this time Is this the game for Multan Little bit more flight We used maybe a little more feet Watch him coming down watch his eyes watch those eyes same on the ball comfortable this time Emraan tired almost into the commitment as usual self, but here we go Disappears first Into the crowd God why are we who does change your pace here? Yes, there is And he’s found the gap yeah beautiful striking from a man and form But been cutting sees the quitter boys up to 150 and passed it This endures the arc is going to go here we go Slice it out. He wants it Yes Celebrations are debate. They love it in this match gang 12. It’s the end of cutting block him Wonderful thinking by bellarmin birthday the set of the ballpark Kenny Kenny no Now what a sick of staff Nansen’s on substituting he takes the high-five and applause with a little bubble out there. I’ve been wicked and It’s the sixth one down there come back to Pakistan now You’ll see more teams Run a runner fix the bowl what is happening there? Was trying to play some football if I was giving him out is he? When he hit the stunt or when he took the bales off Actually, the ball was in his hand out should be the call now Why not play a few more? Yeah, I’ve never seen wonderful pitch here or pitches It’ll be safe It doesn’t matter because it really is all over Bava shouting here couple more deliveries to go and Pat that’s one to go. It wasn’t the no ball that screams of no ball around the place Where to a danger with that way stifled gossip got one horror, of course it evolved another one He that have been out of the attack but Avanti final born in Here a match twelve Skipper to see it out sarfraz be a little frustrated and disappointed that Watson got out when he did Brady Wow Don’t I know Big high fives For those of blue and green John Mercer DS racing round thanking his teammates. He’s a bundle of energy You

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