HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball vs. Missouri 1-3 (11/27/19)

[upbeat introduction music] We’ve got some Thanksgiving week volleyball for you, right
here on the SEC Network. Tonight in Oxford
we got the 11 and 5 Missouri Tigers taking on
the 6 and 10 Ole Miss Rebels. As the season winds
down, we’ll show you the RPI across the SEC. Missouri surely in to
the NCAA tournament at 19 here on the season. Ole Miss steadily
dropping on a 10– Awesome, Purcell will
keep that one alive second ball was set over. Lauren Bars is gonna
attack that one. Stroup out of the back
row, off hands for a kill. [crowd applauding] Leah Mulkey having a great
start to senior night that’s her third kill that
she goes deep cross for. After Mangual-Duran,
Member-Meneh rejected by a senior duo,
Nayo Warnell and Leah Mulkey. Missouri has got another shot. Once again, Leketor Member-Meneh this time tips it
off-hands and ricochets away from Lauren Bars. Roll shot, kept alive by
the Rebels, a cross court swing from Stroup. Fuentes from the
back row to DeBerg that’s gonna be a
double contact call. Crowd here thought
it was a double Fuentes instead
the Rebels were set Sultemeier on the back one. They’ve got set-point
here in game number 2 looking to knock things
up at one game a piece. And there’s Mulkey fresh
off the timeout to do it. Coaching staff from
Missouri continues to make that decision. Softly hit ball
from Nayo Warnell. DeBerg, who’s actually
able to take a swing at it. Sultemeier turns on long
and hammers it home. Fuentes can have the faith
in a talented freshman. Absolutely. Ready for a second straight double-double on the season. That’ll end the scoring run,
Emily Stroup goes off-hands. [girls yelling] Ole Miss isn’t
gonna bring it back. Member-Meneh tips it short
to that far side line a couple Rebels– Hollingsworth-Santana
finding the deep corner early on, she has now one kill. She’s playing
well-rounded volleyball Lauren Bars picks up
kill number seven. Lot of play right there
in front of the net. Purcell will set, Lauren
Thompson was able to get one through the
block for a kill. Another great dig
by Nicole Purcell. Pushed that outside to
Lauren Thompson, that one hits the floor in a hurry. Fuentes setting overhead
and Hollingsworth-Santana having a big set, 13 kills. Again, Purcell is there. Stroup tips it into the
corner, a perfect shot A high-powered attack [girls yelling] Warnell says, “finally
I’m gonna get this one down to the floor.” Good pass, the set outside
to Stroup, the walls set up by Tyanna Omazic, did
not play in the first meeting between these two Missouri wins it,
3 to 1 on the road, spoiling Ole Miss’ senior
night, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and
enjoy your holiday season. Take care everybody.

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