HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball vs. Texas A&M 2-3 (10/20/19)

[upbeat music] It’s a picture perfect
Sunday afternoon in Oxford, Mississippi
where this afternoon we have a SEC Clash between
the red hot Ole Miss Rebels and the Texas A&M Aggies. I really
think those impact players you mentioned before Graham, are going to be crucial hitters. They’re not, I don’t
wanna say too emotional, or emotionless, they’re
just very even keeled. They do what they do well. Keeping it on
their side of floor and doing what they do well, regardless of what the other
team decides to put up. Hans again, down the line. And a dump across the net. Those points too, a block only gets recorded if it ends in a point. A touch doesn’t get recorded. Denied at the net. That was Lauren Davis. Rare misfire. Let’s see if [mumbles]
can keep it up. [Players yelling] What a play. A dump across the
net from Connor. [players yelling] Aggies go back to Hans,
Thomas momentarily the Rebels are still able
to flip it across the net. And that is in. [players yelling] Is that touched at the net? It was and there is the senior. Late in the third set. They go to Stroup and Gomez. Tough pass at the net, Aggies are able to get it over. Cleaned out by the
Freshmen Anna Bair By herself, 22 kills
and a tough serve there. And there’s a huge
play at the net. Simply to make the tournament again this year. Rice and Iowa State
tournament teams. Stepping up well
behind the block. Obviously saw the block there. [players yelling] Soft touch works for Warnell. Patterson now off the
floor for Texas A&M. Ole Miss holding on
to a two-point lead. [players yelling] Nicely done in the middle. Changed her mind in the
middle of the process and it didn’t work out as
planned. Bair, gives Ole Miss
the lead eight to seven. Today’s match,
it’s the first team to seven now, race to seven. And the Rebels,
jump back in front Thanks to Anna Bair. Back row from Hans,
tough play at the net. That was close and
the Aggies, is it in? It is! Download the ESPN app This has been a
presentation of ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports.

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