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Himachal pradesh is declared as the 17th state of INDIA on Jan 25 1971. It’s capital is Shimla. kannari, Bihari, Punjabi, Hindi, mandali, Tibetian languages are spoken here. Its located in Kullu district and is 6600 ft above sea level. the temperature here varies between minimum -7 degree celsius and maximum 20 degree celsius From chennai you can reach Delhi through flight or train and from Delhi buses are availabe to manali. or the same option can be used through chandigarh Tourists prefer to stay in old manali as it is more calmer and cheaper. Also manali is located as a centre point to nearby tourist places. Mall road is active 24/7 especially night time. Here tourists do all their shopping. hadimba temple is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, wife of Bhima, a figure in the Indian epic Mahābhārata. Solang valley, located 13 kms from manali and is famous for adventure sports. One can reach here using cab, auto, bus. Paragliding in solang valley is classifed into two variety. 1.Gliding from top of mountain – 15 mins – 3000 rs per person. 2. Gliding from a low point – 5 mins – 1000 rs per person Rope way Ride -This take the gliders to top of the mountain. Not only gliders but others can also take a ride in this. It costs 500 rs per person. Jogini falls- It takes 5 km from manali through road and then trek through mountains. As the path is rough and takes a toil on you, so elderly and weak people are advised not to trek. One should start the trek in morning as the place gets darker in evening and . also due to threat poised by th wild animals at dark. Hello, We are now in Rohtang . I am left speechless seeing the beauty of mountains here All that glitters are gold here. We are now in top of the mountain. Its too much cold here, I am able to stand here as i came in the afternoon. I will show the beauty of this place. enjoy. The road you see is the only way for vehicles. To the left of road, you can the ice melts flowing as water which goes downstream as a source of fresh water. Sun is over head to us .Its 1.30 p.m. here. From manali you can reach here through bus,cab. When the road is fine, you can travel through bullets too. but one should be more careful as the way is dangerous. I am trying to pick and break an ice piece Its not so hard. I am able to break it. Think its not so hard as it is sunny . This is the tip of this mountain. We are advised not to climb as it is dangerous . Every one should visit this place either as family or with friends We are still in desire to visit foreign countries before that we should visit the Places in our country This trip is budget friendly only. Even you can use government buses which are so cheap. This place is so serene and gives an unexplained happiness. I have come from Tamil nadu and this place is so new for me. I can even say that Europe cant beat this beauty. Do visit this place when possibe. Ice skating is popular here. They charge around 300 -500 rs for half an hour depending on the season. Located on the road between manali to kullu or vice versa They charge around 500 – 600 rs per person for 20 mins. Its in Manali and its surrounding places. They charge 200 -300 rs per person. The A Square cafe and hostel is the best place to stay on old Manali. Its with all facilities, most budget friendly and with recreational facilities like gym, billiards etc. They charge 500 rs for a room which can accommodate 3 people In case you travel solo, then you can get a bed here at 150 rs per night.

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  1. Anna expect pannala seriously as u said tis video made me to remember many sweet things…. Nice photos…. Amazing… ❤❤💕
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  2. Super bro, uga contact number kedaikuma.. We are planning for Himachal trip, konjam doubts iruku clear pana romba heplfull ah irukum..

  3. Hi sir, I'm a solo traveller how much of cost it takes along with food, adventure and room.. pls let me know

  4. Nice bro ' bro ennoda vintage model Priya scooter la porom bro nanum en frnd um andha Manali hill yeruma bro safty ya irukkuma

  5. இது எந்த இடம் தோழா சிம்லாவிலிருந்து எப்படிப் போக வேண்டும் இடத்தை சொல்லுங்கள்பத்து நாட்கள் தங்கி சுத்தி பார்க்க எவ்வளவு வரும் சுற்றுலா சொல்லுங்கள் நல்லா செலவு பண்ண சுற்றி பார்க்க

  6. Need some information on travel bro.from Delhi to Manali you booked bus and let me know how you booked hotel ?how you reached hotel ? From your hotel to sightseeing spot how you reach?

  7. எனது அருமை நண்பரே இதற்கு செல்ல பணம் கட்ட வேண்டுமா இல்லை யாராவது முன்னுரிமை தரவேண்டும்.. எல்லாரையும் அனுமதிப்பார்கள் … லடாக் …கட்டணம் செலுத்த வேண்டும் மா இல்லை அனுமதி சிட்டு வாங்க வேண்டுமா.. தயவு செய்து கூறுங்கள்.. தமிழில் சொல்லவும்

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    பகுதி, பகுதியாக சிறப்பாக தெரியப்படுத்தியதற்கு…..

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