HIS Badminton Coach

I’m Kat Hurrell. I’m a full-time
badminton coach. I have a number of roles involved in badminton in Hampshire and
in England generally. I coach a number of players that have
been part of the Hampshire Talented Athletes Scheme and we’ve formed a good
working relationship over the years and it sort of come about because of
that. We’ve been conducting some testing of
our own for the last few years so the athletes have had some experience of the
tests but something I felt that would be really good to come out of the pilot is
to get them a little bit more experienced with some more scientific
testing and so we worked together to come up with some tests and how we could
maybe further what we already do to make it a bit more advanced for them. I think it’s essential. Sport is evolving
constantly and we have to be able to keep up with what the next trend is or
what other people might be doing that we’re not doing so I think it’s
essential for us to know that but for players and athletes to have a very good
understanding as well because it’s constantly changing. I think it shows them that there’s a lot
more that goes on outside of being on the court. It’s opening their eyes up to
everything that they need to be aware of and yeah it’s not just a case of getting
some shuttles and running around a lot there’s a lot more that goes to it so
it’s just great to open their eyes and give them experience from this age so
that they’re already prepared. I think it’s another voice telling them
vital information. The more people that are involved in their support network
the better because they can access more knowledge, more opinions, more
personalities and all the things they need to come into contact with to deal with
elite level sports so it’s just fantastic for them to get sort of other
people that are experts in the area or in these areas helping them. By the time they get to this
stage it’s quite an individualised approach to their training plan and the
data that they’ve now received in the form of the reports can be used to help
tailor their own programs as needed and it’s sort of highlighting key specific
areas appropriate to each person so that can really help with their plans and
what they need to do. Fantastic, all real positives coming out
of the whole working relationship. Very supportive and flexible so definitely
something that I hope we can continue in the future.

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