History of Pakistan #22 | Pakistan Won The World Cup 1992 | In Urdu

In 1992 ICC World Cup was the event of the year for Pakistan Team was training under Imran Khan’s leadership Obviously there was a lot of pressure for playing on fast pitches of Australia and New Zealand But this was not the only pressure there Media was criticizing the training process Although Pakistan had discovered three great fast bowlers for fast pitches They were Waqar Younis, Waseem Akram and Aqib Javaid Imran Khan, the most experienced fast bowler was also there to lead the team Media was also criticizing on playing series against a little weaker team like Sri Lanka At that time Waqar Younis was the fastest bowler in the world He was in real sense fast and furious Batsmen feared to face Waqar’s furious attack He was the hope of Pakistan for the world cup But on the last moment he was dropped Why? Let’s know by a senior sports editor “Actually Waqar got back stress before first match. “He lost his fitness. Team management tried best to revive his fitness” “But when there seemed no hope, Yunus had to return back home” “The second shock for the team was Saeed Anwer, who became unfit befor world cup started” “he was to drop from team also” World Cup started … Pakistan manage to won only 1 match out of his first 5 matches And that victory was also against a weak team of Zimbabwe after defeats from West Indies, South Africa and India, Nation lost all their hopes Pakistan’s last hope was match against Australia And Pakistan defeated the Defending Champions Australia disappointed fans in Pakistan once again rose their hopes Imran Khan’s persistent resolve to win surprised the people and this surprise was justified under the circumstances Pakistan needed a strange chemistry to reach the semifinals the situation was half in hands of Pakistan and half in the hands of other teams Just think and wonder how far Pakistan’s chances were? Pakistan’s only chance was that it beat unbeaten New Zealand in its last pool match And Australia, had to defeat in-form West Indies But a miracle made this impossible, possible Pakistan defeated strong New Zealand team easily And Australia won from West Indies by 57 runs So Pakistan reached in semifinals, miraculously But the semi final’s victory was out of this world feat of Pakistan New Zealand’s captain Martin Crow was the best player of the World Cup he put up a good fight But, in this match, young Inzamam’s legendary innings proved fatal to New Zealand And this was a memorable innings Now Pakistan was in the final where it had to play with England England was favourite because it wrapped up Pakistan’s innings for just 74 runs in the pool match Pakistan was playing world cup final first time, and England was third time finalist One day before the final, heart patients in Pakistan were prohibited from watching the match even those who did not have any heart problem also instructed not to watch the match continuously Now this seems funny but in those days it was routine Pakistanis were so desperate that many recited verses of Holy Quran before TV screens, hoping a miracle These were the days of Ramadan and the Eid festival was close People were praying and laying wreaths on holy shrines When the match started on March 25, 1992, the roads were deserted power shortage forced villagers to stock “Chanda Battery Cells” for their radios beforehand People listened to the live commentary on their radios in large community gatherings The match was sensational and can’t be described in words 87,000 spectators were present at Melbourne’s cricket ground Pakistan make 249 runs playing first and it was a big target those days Stadium was so huge that only one six came in both the innings, and that was Imran Khan’s sixer The England team was capable of achieving this huge target But Waseem Akram’s devastating bowling forced England to go on back foot the moment Imran balled the 2nd delivery of 50th over and Ramiz caught the the last English batsman the stadium resounded with the song “WHO RULE THE WORLD” Pakistan became the world champion there were last days of Ramadan and Aftar time was near this was Eid before Eid for Pakistanis It was raining in Lahore, but people came out on the Mall Road bare footed on one side British fans were crying while in Pakistan people were dancing Imran Khan was happy but her mother’s memories making him sad too On April 1, winning team arrived and
there were flowers on all over the roads from air port to Data Darbar People were raising slogans “TERI AAN MERI AAN IMRAN KHAN, IMRAN KHAN Millions of rupees were announced for the national team feasts and programs were arranged to honour the team in one of such program Nawaz Sharif invited Imran to join Politics Which Imran Khan declined “I had invited him long ago, but he declined, I do not know why?” “My offer is still valid” though Imran Khan declined Nawaz Sharif’s offer for a long time But Benazir Bhutto came back to Pakistan during this period She was the opposition leader and for the end of Sharif’s rule joined hand with President with same president who had overthrown her rule just 2 years earlier How long Benazir went to end Nawaz rule in Pakistan? All this we will show you in the next episode Subscribe Dekho Suno Jano for watching coming episodes Click the Bell icon to make sure that you get each update on time

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  2. Imran khan is best inspiration because in history of pakistan never cricketer became the prime minister…he said once which i really inspired.. He said…
    You lose, when you give up.. 😘😘😍😍

  3. Pakistan. Political history is full. Of. Lies & deciet no politician showed love for country only to fill. In their own Pockets I think it's the main reason y pak is so far lagging behind India in every field

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  8. Khan to phr Khan hain na…from 1992's world cup to 2018's elections….a life long struggle of a hardworking,devoted,sincere and patriot man…hats off to honourable prime minister of Pakistan,Mr Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi…inshaAllah ab bhi yahi hoga…

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