Hit Wicket Cricket – Fantasy Book Cricket Game for Android

Hi. Tthis is Nik Bhattacharya, the co-creator of Hit Wicket Cricket. Hit Wicket Cricket is a fantasy book cricket game. You play for your country. You guide your cricket team to world cup glory. just first challenge is the five over friendly cup. You must then unlock and win the 10 over Invitational cup. Only when you are ready for a real challenge, real challenge, do you have the privilege of playing the T20 World Cup. Immerse yourself in a head to head battle and challenge any team you want, any format. In Hit Wicket Cricket, just winning is not enough. You must accomplish your mission in order to move ahead. Use your powerups at key moments during the game to give you the strategic advantage. We advise you to use your balls wisely. because sometimes, you won’t have enough balls to pull off the victory. Show your friends how you are leading your country to cricket glory by posting to your social networks. Hit Wicket Cricket is FREE and is available for download in the Google Play Store.

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