Hithit.cz – INBETWEEN – dokument o českém baseballu

… (when) communist government formed, a few years later … … baseball was banned due to its western symbolism. But here we are in 2016, second time around … … for the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers for the 
Czech Republic. In baseball the worst case scenario is that you give up a run … … but in the hospital, you cab lose a life. 24 hour shift, 2 days off, then 24 hour shift again. 10 shifts in a month. 120 shifts in a year. It is actually a big sacrfice. For me it is two different worlds, where … … in each one I behave differently … … and in each one I have to perform differently. Hit in the air toward right center field and hit well. Going back is Harris, looking up and it’s gone! A solo homerun…for Matej Hejma!

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