Hitting A 250 MPH Fastball | Stanley Anderson

Any baseball player on this planet, please step into the cage with me, see if you can do what I do I already know what’s gonna happen. I have a streak going right now of 1,900 swings in a row without a miss. 1,900 swings. You think anybody else on the planet can do that? I challenge anybody on the planet. I’ve been coming here for more than 20 years. I would step over the red line and do my thing, and they will always walk by, say, “Hey, my man, get back.” But I was doing this so much, after a while, I became a regular. I knew it was unique, but I didn’t think it was news worthy. Some sports science guys and some math guys told me the equivalent speeds of what I was doing and the reaction time. I couldn’t believe it. A 100 mile-an-hour fastball gets to the plate in 0.390 seconds. That’s less than a blink of an eye, 1/4 th of a second. Where I’m hitting, the ball is getting to me in 0.18, under 2/10 th of a second. So that’s how much time I have to see it, recognize it, and get my bat to the zone. People say I start my swing before the ball comes out. People say I guess where the ball is going to be, but I made contact with 99.568% of every pitch. I’ve swung at 22,700 pitches so far this year. I’ve missed 98. I keep countin’. (J): What he does is in a large part unexplainable and he’s got tremendous strength, because you got to get a 33-inch of bat off that shoulder in less than 2/10 th of a second, and to be able to do that and have the coordination to still hit that ball is something that in the three years I’ve been watching him, no one has come close to being able to duplicate. (S): Any baseball player on this planet, please step into the cage with me, see if you can do what I do. That goes to everybody. Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, any of them. I’m not saying I’m better than them. They’re Hall of Fame guys. I’m not no hall-of-fame guy. I’ve never even made it to the pros. I’m nobody. I’m nobody, but I’m gonna tell you this – no one can step inside that cage and do what I do. It’s a scientific fact that when you yell or express yourself, it helps your energy level. That’s why you hear martial artists yell before they break something. Helps me too. Growing up, superheroes were the thing. Comic books. Wasn’t cartoons or movies. Comic books. My personality is forged from heroes like Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, what they stand for. I always want to help people, always want to save people. That’s the mentality of superheroes. I worked in law enforcement security my entire life. It’s my call. I’m a heroic type guy. My superhero name inside that batting cage: “The Reaction”. Well, you wanna try? Yeah, you wanna go try? You wanna try it? You wanna try it? Come on. It’s gonna be real interesting. The greatest attribute to me for an athlete, I don’t care what sport you play. The greatest attribute an athlete can have to me in my opinion is toughness. Toughness has no gender, has no size, has no color, none of that. Toughness is a state of mind. Remember, I told you I worked in the corrections for a long time, 33 years altogether. They needed someone there that could handle situations. There was a problem. I was called. Everybody talks a good game, but when he goes down, the real you is gonna come out. So, a lot of people talk about how tough they are, what they’ll do in a situation. See, I’ve seen this all my life, and then when it breaks out, they don’t do what they say they’re gonna do. I’m the opposite of that. You gotta be quick. Your thinking’s gotta be aggressive, and you gotta think: “I gotta get this bat to the zone.” Any delay, any hitch, any blink, it’s by you. Simple. You gotta be locked in. You got to be aggressive. You can’t be scared of it. You scared of it, you ain’t gonna hit it. A lot of people get in here in there scared And they don’t f**k with it I was four years old when the riot happened in 1967. we lived in the middle of the riot as I died on the west side of Detroit And I remember my mother coming in and getting me and my brother out of the bed Putting us on the floor because there was a lot of gun fires going on my parents did not play My parents raised me to be the man that I am and I’m a Superman because of them Because they would not allow me to go on the street and act the fool and they won’t buy on that I don’t care If I never have any money, I don’t care if I never have anything, but when I look in the mirror Am I the best man that I can be am I proud of the man that I am? That means a lot to me. It means everything to me be honourable mannereable respectful that encompasses all That’s more important to me in my life I’m not running I’m not scared If it means my life, it means my life. I mean that I Really mean that I know you don’t know me that well, but I really mean that Jim know what I mean That

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  2. Hits 250mph fastball then next they throw a curve and he gets his ankles broken

    One like=one prayer for his ankles

  3. Just imagine doing this for 4 years straight an go to MLB just imagine how slow the ball is moving towards you

  4. People in the comments keep saying he's acting like a hero or thinks he is we all know who Kobe he is he never said he never acted like a black mamba that's why is mentality he has super hero mentality

  5. The ball gets thrown to the same place every time so he is very used to knowing we’re to hit the ball so I bet he could do it whith his eyes closed just because the ball goes to the same place every time

  6. Yeah he’s good and all but I just don’t really like it that he’s so full of himself and that he thinks he’s the best

  7. He just locates the baseball, he doesn't put any power into his swing. That's the secret.

    He's basically bunting.

  8. Bet you 100 bucks non of those balls go over 40 yards swing looks worse then chuck Barkley’s golf swing

  9. 1st time seeing this and after looking closely he isn't swing off his shoulders at all as the guy stated. He isn't stepping into his swing. It's all arms with no load. It's what I would term as a power bunt. Not even the power of a check swing. Saying the it's still impressive since there is an actual swing of the bat.

  10. Lmao this is ridiculous… any pro can do this… this is a 1/4 swing where he can see the ball dropping and the ball doesn't go anywhere…. haha

  11. Its pretty much muscle memory at this point… but add different pitches like changeups, sliders, and curveballs… then its back to the normal security guard

  12. Hes timing the ball, !!! I love me who do you love wot , woopdefucking doo, in the pen one on one hed get eaten up, they call him a d his team,cos I know he ain't going in on his own!!!.

  13. -Kawhi Leonard wins NBA championship and Finals MVP.
    “I’m a fun guy.”
    -Dude hits at the local batting cages with elementary school kids.
    “I’m a heroic guy.”

  14. "any baseball player on this planet"
    You know he isn't taking any chances of a baseball player on some other planet with better skills taking him up on his challenge lol 😂

  15. Bruh he dissin Bryce Harper who makes like 6 million a year and this guy is a security guard out of Detroit

  16. Standing close and chopping the ball with an ugly swing is not hitting a 250 mph fastball this is blatant click bait made even worse with the fact that he’s completely full of himself

  17. closer you get to the machine, the less deviation there is with where the ball will end up. basically it will go to the same spot every time. at that point, all you have to do is get visual cues from the machine to figure out when it's prepping to throw and when you should start your swing.

  18. I guess if you're practicing so much on a machine more then a person…… anyone could learn the prefire sweet spot

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