Hitting some balls (We go to the batting cages) [7]

there i’m doing it what the? i’m going to die you guys aren’t going to die ok if me of all people can hit them so can you no that’s not true a dollar for each they use to put the softball here, that’s why i’m like this is very fast so not that one ok but it’s in the shade so hold this for me hold the black one so you put the coins so this one is for baseball and this one is for softball so you’re just going to put one of your tokens in there and you get ready, go up there, and it will start going make sense? do you want me to go first? yea got to learn from the master! yea! can you hold my do you want me to hold your camera too? yes that would be best did you do softball? yea. ok does it tell you? once you put the coin in, at the bottom a light will show up. and once the red light comes on it means then the balls are going to start shooting out that was so hard this is going slow so yea simple that looks hard let’s hit some balls that was only one coin? yea. oh. that was a lot, yea that was a lot your hand hurts it’s jenna’s turn did you put money inside? no not yet, i’m practicing you got this see! so is that one lighter? uh yea, that one is lighter and it’s also shorter the way that it’s shaped is a little different too you can try the baseball one the medium we can do that one for you, if you want to try that just make sure you don’t let go of it i don’t know my hands are getting a little sweaty i think i’m done yea you’re done yay!!! how was it? i hit more than I thought I would yea it’s pretty easy alright carlo yea, so once the light down there turns red i forgot my memory card again i’ll just take it with my phone there you go oh watch out for him it’s getting intense omg kelley come on kelley what are you doing oh noooo holy moley should i stop recording? hahaha and here’s carlo ah man, i’m going to be worst yea oh there’s one oh she got one I wasn’t recording yea!!! it hurts that was fast should I even try? no it’s like, it’s just low yea i saw that it was low should i? ok i’ll try since you did it so aim lower omg why? it’s ok just get the rhythm down hey she hit it at least you tapped it, it took me a couple tries hey she’s really good well she’s doing a lot better than I was there’s a pro prooooo what’s up? pro dam and over here we have major pro major pro? major pro too good too good for the league too good for major league baseball she’s in a league of her own the guy next to us he was like my like, side of my hand hurts it’s funny at one point I was like doing this i know! this feels more easier if I make it if i make it you choose if jen makes it if I don’t make it kelley choses I hope her non sports oh. oh my god. Recycling! is what i want you’re not suppose to put the cap on huh? You’re not suppose to leave the cap on but i need it so it’ll get in there but you’re not suppose to leave the cap on you have to take off the cap they sort it out in the end anyways no! cause they put it in the thing and it might explode but if i take out the cap that bottle is heavy enough no but this is a japanese bottle omg just throw it nooooo hahaha you have to choose so carlo chooses right? no we didn’t agree to that we’re trying to pick where to eat hey you don’t get more than one try gahhh what are we eating jenna? wait I said if I don’t make it kelley chooses. so kelley’s choosing no…! that’s literally what I said! no. what. I can play this back. yea! do it but if I don’t make it kelley chooses ahh… i’m usually really good at it there’s too much weight on this side maybe if i take off the cap hahaha… oh now you take off the cap hahaha here hand it to me ok if you make it in no i’m not agreeing to anything no wait! i slipped! i slipped! wait give it back to me give it back to me! ok here you go ewwwww it’s dripping it’s just tea carlo go ok first last one to make it has to or first two to make it i’m not about to get it out of the recycling hahaha kelley’s turn here give it back alright, i know my strength free entertainment i know oooooo look i got it. I got it i gave you that idea and i got it in the right one too yay! alright you guys have to choose ok you choose no i’m the winner i dont have to choose I don’t have to choose where to eat winner’s choice! ok we’ll rock paper scissors where to eat the losers will best two out of three ok winner doesn’t chose rock paper scissors nooooo! i always choose nooooo! haha the things we do to not choose dinner let’s go! ok ok at least help me you want dessert? or do you want food? i wouldn’t mind both i wouldn’t mind both omg! no you have to chose ok we’re good poki? poki poki unless we change our minds oh my god no i’ve been coming here like every week first time it’s alright or you should taste it first alright who likes the seaweed? take mine what? do you like seaweed? pretty good you can have some of hers didn’t you say you didn’t like veggies? i don’t alright so you guys got salmon with aoli you got ahi tuna french fries salmon with ponzu are you suppose to mix it? i just eat it yay! the squeak

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