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DNA Sports, Joey Casa, today I want to
talk a little bit about timing. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos where people are
giving drills on how to improve your timing, but I think there’s a step that
we’re missing that is before some of these drills. So a lot of people talk
about trying to hit the catcher’s glove as one form of a drill if your timing is
off so that’s their way of saying really trying to let the ball travel and way
back so that you can catch your timing maybe you’re out in front before but a
big issue of timing that a lot of people overlook is your foot your front foot
not being down on time to fall off with one leg if I told you to pick your leg
up like this and someone’s pitching you try to just swing and see if it feels
awkward as it is we try to just swing there and see if you can make contact
and aside from make contact see if you can even hit the ball hard so that’s the
reason we have to get our foot down on time here so if someone’s pitching the
ball to me if the pitch is already entering the strike zone and I’m barely
getting my foot down that’s a big problem because aside from getting your
foot to the ground there’s a few other steps that take
place there for you to be able to meet the ball out here in the middle the
front of the zone and actually hit a very hard line drive somewhere so I’ll
show you what I mean when I get my foot down I’m here and the next thing that
happens when your hips start to rotate is your front heel and your back you are
going to replace each other so let me show you what I mean I get my foot down
and as my hips are to rotate I get this action here where my front heel son to
drive down my back heel starts to drive up okay now that actually needs to
happen as you’re approaching the baseball so I’m going to do this and I’m
and I’m on my way to the zone here and I still have everything closed but if my
foots not down on time that action can’t even begin to happen so the timing
really starts now with these drills where you’re practicing hitting the
catcher’s gloves to emphasize waiting back the timing starts and pentagons the
timing starts on your rhythm on your low keeping your load the timing starts with
the pitcher so you need to match his rhythm whether he’s fast or slow we need
to be able to adjust and find out and beyond
that box so right here I’m matching his timing got my foot down
and this is like right as he’s letting the ball go I’m getting my foot down and
so that allows me to be in a good hitting position for me to then drive
two skills down and get my bed into a good hitting position so that I can meet
the ball out in front of the plate either right here or right here versus
being too late and having to try to make contact back here when you’re just
defeated hitting foul balls or maybe you’re swinging and missing sometimes
the opposite Hitman’s I get my foot dogs from late so I try to overcompensate and
I open up and pull off the ball so the main thing with timing here is eating
our foot down on time you can’t hit if our foot is not planted to the ground
we’re gonna be off-balance we’re gonna be late we’re gonna be early we’re gonna
be everything except on time hey what’s up guys it’s Joey from DNA sports I just
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