Hockey 24: Thank You Canada

on Sunday November 17th the nation took
part in a once-in-a-lifetime event Hockey 24 a filmed by Canada
a film by you and you and you Canadians young and old from coast to
coast to coast filmed real community hockey all in one day in ranks from
corner Brookfield Dawson City in Holmes from Sydney to Lloydminster in
communities from Shetty AK to Swift Current from eyes open to eyes closed
you got it all and all we could say is thank you thank you for taking the time
thank you for sharing your lives thank you for showing us what community hockey looks like to you and because of you now we can make
something truly special one film that captures the heart of community hockey
in Canada all in one day all thanks to you stay tuned is this spring you might just see yourself on the big screen
this is your story this is our story this is Hockey 24

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