Hockey Agility Training [Full Workout] 🏒

– Hey hockey players, Coach Garner here from In this video, we’re gonna go through a hockey agility workout to give you quick feet out on the ice. The first exercise we’re
going to do in this workout is the 3-6-9 deceleration suicide run. This trains deceleration
at all different angles. You’re first gonna run
to the three yard line, decelerate on two feet, come back, run to the six yard line,
decelerate on a single leg, back-pedal back, and then run all the way to the nine yard line,
decelerate laterally, before running forwards
back to the start line. Kevin starts at the start line, and see, he’s gonna stay
low when he decelerates, that’s very important. Whenever you’re low,
you’re able to explode. You can’t decelerate and explode
from a standing position. You wanna go double,
single, and then lateral so that you’re able to decelerate
on all different angles throughout the ice because
we know hockey games are incredibly chaotic. You wanna be able to stop in any angle and you wanna be able to
explode off of any angle. This is why we do that drill. The next exercise we’re
gonna do in this workout is a super-set between partner resisted, banded lateral shuffles in combination with a triple broad jump. This helps you become explosive laterally and forwards which is really
important for hockey players. So let’s get into this one, we’re gonna go 10 yards
there and 10 yards back before jumping into the triple broad jump. 10 yards there, 10 yards back, go! Other side, right away, right
away, stay low, stay low! Alright, hockey players, we’re gonna finish this workout off
with another super-set. We’re gonna super-set lateral
bounds with an all out sprint. What you’re gonna do is get
yourself in a lateral position and bound laterally by
lifting your front leg and pushing off of your back leg. Three jumps there and three jumps back before immediately going
into a 20 yard sprint. To start this drill you
don’t wanna be upright, you wanna be down in an athletic stance so you can explode off your back leg as explosive as possible. Notice how he’s lifting up his front leg and exploding off of the back. This allows you to train both legs in the same drill and be
explosive off of both legs before immediately going
into a 20 yard sprint. Thanks for watching our
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