Hockey Central: RIT v Niagara 3-3-17

>>Tried to force that pass, Gene, but that was a good-looking pass, to head from Abt to Peacock.>>Mikowski, back to – shot at the goal! Jordan Peacock playing that one goal. It’s 1-0 RIT.>>I tell you, I love what the tigers have done early in this game, they’ve been getting deep into the zone where they want, they take the puck in deep, keeps the head off Mikowski, and then Peacock who just gets better and better the more and more ice time he gets. Look at Mikowski, head up, he knows where he’s going with that. Great pass! A little drop pass for Peacock who takes a hit, gets to the ice, finds the net. Well executed.>>That is a fantastic play by Mikowski to fight through that check, John.>>What? He did along the boards keep his head up? Important in finding Peacock but you’re right.>>Back to Danny Smith, then Abt, swing it over to Brubacher, sends it off the back wall- Short side goal! Danny Smith! What a play by Brubacher to read that, and it’s 2-0.>>They just relentless persistence. I thought Teichroeb overplayed the puck Which then forced him out of position. Let’s see this again here, from the shot. Let’s see Teichroeb, who comes way out, he gets back, but not in time.>>If you’re thinking that – Brubacher’s purposefully playing it off the back wall to get it to Smith, that is just so smart.>>Well executed tightrope, just didn’t get it back in time. Look at that.>>Godfather.>>Godfather.>>Grim reaper. Here’s Apt. Apt, the shot! Rebound, scores! That’s Liam Kerins and it’s 3-1!>>That’s two goals that have come to that side. I’ll tell you, Matt Abt with some good puck handling, with a wicked shot. Tigers have gotten grade-A looks this entire period. 16 shots, that’s a great pass, good cross-sides pass, I’ll tell you, great puck handling there by Abt. Thought he was going to shoot it immediately, held off, and that set up the rebound goal. Watch Abt here. Duped the defensemen, thinks he’s gonna shoot, no! Thought he was gonna pass, decides to shoot. Little bit late. And then the rebound goal.>>Super patient, long pass up to Brown. Brown, going in. Brown, fires! Scores! Wow! 4-2.>>That’s a big goal. Matt Abt was extremely patient, was like a quarterback in the pocket. Sitting there, sitting there, watch Abt. Spots Brown, that’s a great pass. That got to Brown, Brown keeps it on the stick. Comes in, and then goes and beats Teichroeb. That’s an important goal there for the Tigers.>>Back up top, Curran, fires! Deflected high into the air, and scores! And we’re tied! Rotolo lost track of it.>>Couldn’t clear the puck, had a chance to. Muto prevented it, or Sarcona prevented it. From going to the opposite end, they keep the puck in. Here comes a shot from way out, and then let’s see what happens here.>>Goes off his back. Goes off his back.>>Yep. He lost it.>>It’s going to go high into the air off his back.>>How that puck made it through, I didn’t even think it made it through. Did it get redirected?>>Oh my gosh, we had a goal like this, goes off–>>There it is. There it is.>>A great play, at 2 on 1, 3 on 1 naked! Can Niagara steals this? Renneker scores! I don’t believe it! 10 seconds remaning! A 3 on 1!>>We take another look.>>He just got–got the puck taken from him. Beaten by the puck because of 3 on 1? Mike comes out, can’t make the save? Tried to cut down the angle, just when they get the benefit of a call, that Muto goes in the box. Wow.

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