Hockey Central: RIT vs UConn 10-15-16

>>Skirving. In front, Smith trying to back hand Huska with the save, Smith goes crashing into the net. And the net comes off. Time for the Tigers to advance, here’s Valenzuela, Valenzuela coming in, shoots! Save made! The rebound, in front! And holding on! Huska!>>Well, that was Valenzuela
at his best. Just explodes towards the net,
able to keep the puck on his stick. Look at this. Nifty moves, gets it under
the stick. Nearly beats Huska,
who doesn’t give up the rebound in front.>>Cameron in front, take
it away. Cameron! Ah!! Unbelievable save! [ Horn ] The horn went off, play continuing on. Light went on…. Band’s playing, that wasn’t even close. The light did go off
and that was just a quick trigger. That’s a tough break for the Tigers because that blows
the play dead.>>Yeah, it does. Huska really moved well. That was a heck of a pass.>>On the short side, can’t get to it. Newcomer holding it in, UConn with an oppurtunity, the shot, and a goal! From way out, that deflected in front we’ll see who that goes to. And the Huskies have broken
the scoreless tie.>>Looked like the Tigers had
a good position, Abt just, unforced error, lost the puck off his stick. Which then started the break
the other way, for the Huskies. They cash in. Shot comes from way out Let’s see who got– deflected in? Re-directed in?>>I think they’re going to give it
to Kasperi Ojantakanen in front. Re-directed it with his stick? But that came off the turnover by the Tigers.>>Powell. Back up top this goes. Chase Norrish to the opposite side– And a goal!!! [ Horn ]
[ Cheering ]>>Chase Norrish! From way out!! The Tigers are tied.>>That’s his spot. Got a rocket for a shot! Coming out of that television
time out, they had a plan. Beat him, glove side. Again, had a window. Just enough.
Norrish. Has got a wicked shot. The captain comes through.>>In front with the rebound. Are they gonna cash in? Kerins gets drilled!
And the penalty’s going to be called. With five seconds remaining,
in regulation. And this would carry over to
the overtime session. Five seconds remaining. Face off, won, here’s Brady Norrish, the one-timer! Just wide. And we’re heading to overtime.>>Ahead this goes, quick shot. Rotolo with the save, three
seconds remaining. And you want to talk about
a hard fought tie. Fans here, I know they’re
dissapointed, John, but RIT played one heck of a game here.

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