8 thoughts on “Hockey commentator Don Cherry fired after controversial comments

  1. Don Cherry is the MOST patriotic man in Canada. Always has been. I cant blame him for ranting on all the freeloaders that come to our great country and have no respect for our veterans. He was right. You speak your mind in Canada and its a crime. Leftist are in power everywhere in the East. Sad times. GO DON!!

  2. Here's a little Canadian cultural update for CBS 17. Don probably uses the term, "you people" every other broadcast to address those with whom he disagrees. For example, "You people (who don't think checking should be allowed for kids under 10) need to understand that you're wrong because of x,y,z…"

  3. He never used the word Immigrants. Get your facts straight before you spread misinformation! You have an ETHICAL obligation to the public to report the FACTS not conjure hype to acquire viewers. MSM is completely untrustworthy!

  4. His comments were not controversial. Controversial is you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface. Funny how he didnt lose his job but Don did. You people are 2 faced fucking hypocrites.

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