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♪ Funny how the story goes ♪ ♪ Little hope, but bigger dreams ♪ ♪ They try to bring a sucker down ♪ ♪ Singing louder than the crowd ♪ ♪ Listen to the rhythm ♪ ♪ I’m feeling brand new ♪ ♪ Can’t push it forward ♪ ♪ It’s gonna save you ♪ ♪ Never look down, no ♪ ♪ Not when we shine so bright ♪ – [Kevin] What’s going on, hockey players. Kevin here from and today I’m going to be taking
you through a core circuit that you can add to any
current workout routine to help you feel stronger on the puck. We’re going to be doing four exercises that you can either perform in a circuit, going through one set of
each exercise without rest before resting and repeating
for three to four rounds, or you can choose to just do the exercises in a straight set fashion. Let’s get into it. The first exercise in this core circuit is crunches on a stability ball. You’re gonna do 15 reps
here with your feet nice and flat on the ground. Whenever you’re doing
crunches, just think about bringing the ribs inwards
and towards the hips. This is the full range of motion of the rectus abdominus. We’ve seen in the scientific literature that when we do crunches specifically on a stability ball, it
increases muscle fiber recruitment in the abs upwards to 400%. Make sure you go through
the full range of motion for all 15 reps like
you see me doing here. Next up we’ve got the
side plank with reach. The first exercise tackled
the rectus abdominus which is typically referred
to as the outer core, whereas the side plank with reach is going to be hitting the inner core. This includes a lot of
muscles that you can’t see, but are incredibly important
for stabilizing the spine and keeping you explosive on the ice. To perform this side plank with reach, we want you to plant the elbow down, reach inwards and backwards and then windmill your way back up, performing eight reps per side. The third exercise in
this hockey core circuit is 15 rope crunches. What you’re gonna do is take
on a high pulley position with a rope, facing away from
the cable tower on your knees. We will be crunching
while holding the rope behind the head. Connect your mind with your abs to stay contracted through
the entire movement and bring those ribs down to the hips. Notice that I’m not coming all the way up. We do this because we want to keep the core contracted the entire time. If we go into full spinal extension here, the abs are not gonna
be contracted anymore, and that’s not the
purpose of this exercise. This is a great core
exercise because we can continue overloading and
adding weight over time for some true muscular development. And then finally we
finish up with the V-ups. Start with your legs
slightly up off the ground and your shoulder blades also being slightly up off the ground. From this position,
you’re gonna try to meet your arms and your legs in
the center of your body, keeping your core
contracted the entire time. It can be really easy to use momentum and cheat with this exercise. We don’t wanna be doing that. Keep your core contracted throughout the entire movement. Have in your mind that the
core is bringing your legs and your core is also
bringing your upper body up, and taking on the entire
load through the duration of this range of motion. Finish with 15 reps here. If you enjoyed this
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  1. Hi dan,about two weeks ago before tryouts, I got a book called hockey speed. I noticed some improvements in my skating. I absolutely loved it and am continuing to train my core. Thank you for so much support and core videos. I am soon looking to upgrade to the full youth package because of course, you are such a great coach and trust you. What you’re doing really helps me and please continue to do it. You are definitely better than the other coaches I’ve had because you emphasize into greater detail about how and why it is important to train like a hockey player. Love your story and keep up the hard work. And thank you for turning me from a b player, to a double A player for the Jersey shore wildcats. Keep it up

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