Hockey Dangle Puck Review

Hi everybody! Today at Marcel’s Hockey School I’ll be doing a little product review about a stickhandling puck that’s gotten me pretty excited: the Dangle Puck! What makes it so special? And what is it good for? I’ll show you here in this video! When you first look at it, the Dangle Puck looks pretty much like a normal hockey puck. It weighs the same, and is the same size. It’s not made of rubber but of hard plastic, but what makes it special, is when you turn the puck around, it’s got this small metal ball right in the middle. So when you put the puck on the floor to stickhandle, there is only contact between the floor and the metal ball. So there is a lot less friction, and the puck can glide really well. Allright, I’m in the living room, normally I’m not allowed to stickhandle here, but we’ll be doing a little passing test here on the hardwood flooring. With an inline hockey puck, the Green Biscuit, and the Dangle Puck. Just so I can show you, how well the Dangle Puck slides. I’ll take a step back, and I will try to use the same amount of force when passing each puck. The first pass, with an inline puck. Then with the Green Biscuit: And now, with the Dangle Puck: He scores!!!!! Normally I do my stickhandling in the basement, it has a tile floor, but we had a water pipe break a little while ago so the basement is out of order. So I’m in the kitchen, it has the same tiles as the basement, so I can show you how the puck slides on flooring like this. So you can see, on rare occasions, the puck get hooked up every so slightly in the spaces between the tiles, but other than that it slides really, really well. But there comes a point, like for every puck that is designed for a smooth surface, when the Dangle Puck reaches its limits in terms of sliding ability, when the surface gets rougher. I’m out on our patio, it’s made of granite slabs. They’re a bit rougher, like asphalt on the street, and I’m going to compare the Dangle Puck with the Green Biscuit. At first the Dangle Puck: It’s ok I guess, but a bit bouncy. On a rougher surface, I’d still go with the Green Biscuit. What I love about the Dangle Puck is that I’ve already tried out a lot of stickhandling pucks and balls, and none of them come as close to that real on-ice feeling as the Dangle Puck. It really feels like you’re stickhandling on the ice. So if you have the opportunity during the summer to train on a smooth surface, then I’d definitely recommend this puck. Outside, on asphalt, it’s not very good and you also can’t shoot with it. The Dangle Puck is made by a company called STEDOL Hockey, and I bought mine via the HockeyShot website. I would normally add the direct link here, but YouTube has decided I’m not quite cool enough yet to use that function, so if you like my videos, don’t forget to click on “Subscribe”, so that someday I’ll be able to put in those links! Other than that, have fun practicing this summer! Maybe the Dangle Puck is a option for you, and see you next time at Marcel’s Hockey School!

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  1. wusste garnicht, dass du mal in Schweinfurt gespielt hast Marcel(ich spiel zurzeit in schweinfurt). Verfolg dich jetzt seit ca. einem halben Jahr und du bist der beste Deutsche Eishockeykanal. Danke für die Videos. Ich würde mich über ein Eishockeyspezifisches Kraftworkout freuen.

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