Hockey Deceleration Training Drills for Better Agility 🏒

– Hey, hockey players, Coach Garner here from I know you saw the title
of this video, and think, who wants to decelerate? But it’s one of the most underappreciated and undertrained aspects
in hockey training today. One of the most important
components of agility is to stop/start, but a lot of people are
only focusing on that start, but how quick you stop is just as important of
a component as agility, as how quick you can start. In this video, we’re
gonna train deceleration, to improve your agility
and reduce any injury risk. The first deceleration drill
we’re gonna roll through is the 3/6/9 deceleration suicide sprint. What you’re gonna do is
sprint to the three-yard line, decelerate, and stop
isometrically with both feet, backpedal back, sprint
to the six-yard line, decelerate, and stop with one leg, and then lastly you’re gonna backpedal, sprint to the nine-yard
line, and stop laterally. The reason why we do this is
we wanna train deceleration. One of the biggest injury risks in hockey is due to high-velocity direction change. If you can’t absorb the force
that you’re putting out, and be able to explode off it, A, your agility’s gonna suffer, and B, you’re gonna have
an increased potential for injury risk. Deceleration drills are super-important, and this drill trains all
those different angles. Gonna notice here that he’s staying low
throughout the entire process, and making sure that he sticks
those deceleration points, and isn’t just immediately leaving. We’re repeating this twice,
as that equals one rep, because you wanna stop on alternate legs for your single leg, and you wanna stop facing
different directions for your lateral deceleration, so you’re training both sides of the body. The next deceleration drill
we’re gonna roll through is to step down from
box, land on both feet, and hold that position. You’re gonna step down,
isometrically hold that position, and this may look simple, but it’s very important
to train deceleration, as it trains your muscles and your connective tissue’s ability to absorb high velocities
of force out on the ice. You wanna make sure
that you’re landing low, you’re keeping your posture, and you’re not just letting
yourself fall into the movement. Land, stay tight, stay strong, and hold it for that one second. The next exercise we’re going to do is the lateral off of box deceleration drill. All the principles are the same. You wanna step off sideways this time, to recruit slightly different musculature, but we’re still holding it, and doing it for all the same purposes as we were the double-leg land. For the lateral deceleration
drill, you wanna step off, still stay low, still
keep that good posture, but make sure you’re switching legs with every single set that you do, so you’re training both
sides of the body evenly. The next deceleration
drill we’re gonna work on is the hurdle hop into isometric hold. This is a progression from
stepping down from the box, front and laterally. You’re gonna see here, I’ve
got the hurdles set up. They’re only about one yard apart, because we’re after height
here, and not really distance. You’re gonna hurdle hop, one and hold, one and hold, one and hold, and that equals one set. Gonna have Kevin
demonstrate it for you here. See how he’s bringing his knees up, landing low, and holding. It’s a perfect deceleration pattern that’s gonna help you out on the ice. This drill is similar to the last one, and you’re gonna wanna load
the front of your body, but then also the side of your body. So now we’re doing three
hurdle hops, but laterally. You’re gonna see Kevin’s going
for height, and stopping low, and isometrically holding one
second at the very bottom, in between each round, and you’re gonna wanna come
back the other direction so that you’re loading
both sides of the body, and training deceleration evenly. Thanks for watching our
hockey training video. Make sure you hit that
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hockey training content coming your way, that’s gonna make you the best possible hockey
player you can be. (rhythmic music)

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  1. Thanks for the vid I hope I improve a bunch from this vid I’ve been watching you vids a lot and doing all the exercises and I can tell I’m doing much better than before

  2. I have a question about getting faster. Since I am a track sprinter and hockey player, could I do track sprint excersises to be a better hockey player.

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