Hockey – Defense Positioning – Great Tip!

Here we’re going to go through a
specific defenseman situation and we’re going to talk about the
importance of having your stick on the puck. Here in the defense’s zone, the neutral
zone and even plain line rushes. So understanding again, if you’re in the defense’s zone, and you have a forward that’s got the puck and may be he is trying to beat you one-on-one. As your defense has been coming in to this play, it’s important to understand you need to
have your stick out on the pock; meaning that it’s in
the same lane as the puck. You are not swinging your stick back and
forth it’s right on the puck but you are playing the body. So, stay calm, puck, body on body. And you are also angling so
you can angle and force the angle with your stick. So being able
to understand how to use your stick properly as a defenseman, it is your biggest weapon if
used properly. But also can be your biggest detriment if you are reaching or you are poking. So, the idea here is: you have the puck, you are the defenseman and this is the forward. You are going body on body but you’re
going stack on pock. So, you stick is going right towards the puck but your
body is going right on the body in you are taking the body. You are not playing the
puck but having your stick there is going to
allow this forward not be able to stick-handle in front of you. He is not going to be able to try to make a
move, he is not going to be able to make a pass because if he makes a pass you are going to be able to deflect it. So you are taking away stick-handling opportunities, you are taking away angles and you are
taking away passing lanes. by having your stick on the puck. We talk
about this and it seems so simple but defencemen at the junior college,
even the professional level, are consistently working on the skill. Because the better you can get this the
more the more options you can have as a defenseman to be able to control the direction that Ford is going to be
able to play those one-on-one’s. Same thing as your playing
line rushes, so if that forward is coming down the ice with the pock defensively you
need to be body on body, shoulder on shoulder but your stick needs to be out on that puck. You are not lunging
forward, you are not reaching forward with it. Your stick is just out on the puck and now you are taking away the option
for that forward to stick-handle in-front of you or to cut across. Even to make passes or
take a shot you are going to be able to deflect it up
because you are having your stick in a good position. So, you are able to control the angles and control
that forward goals by working on stick on puck.
So, consistently working at having your stick on the ice, one hand out in front
stick and on the puck in the same lane as the puck
but you are not reaching, you are not swinging and you are not playing the puck. You are playing the body; you are looking at the body but your stick is in the passing lane in
the same lane as the puck as you are going out and that way as you are going to play the
body you are going to notice a lot of times that forward is going to be stick-handling and the puck is just going to hit your
stick because it’s in the right position. So work on stick on puck as you are going at that puck. Your stick is on the puck but your body is on the side, body on body and stick on puck. Work on
that defensively and you are going to be a much better defenseman and be able to play one on one’s and win those one-on-one battles.

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