Hockey Defenseman Positioning – How to Rush the Puck Effectively

Here we are going to talk about creating
offense as a defenseman. And in this video we are going to cover rushing the puck, so this is when a
defense-man rushes the puck it does not necessarily have to be from end to end. But it can be you know potentially picked up the puck on a regroup where you pick up the puck a loose puck in the neutral zone. And you know you are rushing it in, one of
the key thing to consider is that, when the play is breaking out, your
forwards are breaking out as a defense-man you want to be right up with them,
you do not want to be way back here. Because one if there is a turnover, now you have a good gap coming back and two you are going to have opportunities for yourself maybe there is a loose puck or maybe there is an opportunity to jump
in the rush. So as a defense-man, one of the key
tactics here is that, you want to make sure the whole thing starts by jumping up in the play. The
second thing that we are going to talk about when you are rushing the puck up the ice. It is always beneficial to head man the puck to a forward so a lot of times defense-man and think just because you have possession of the puck and there is no one on you, you just keep
skating, then what ends up happening is, if you are rushing the puck up
here you have a couple forwards with you. When they get to the blue line, they are
going to have to stop, so when you get over the blue line you are all alone. You are much better off, headman that puck letting forward rushing in and then you coming in and be in the trailer, or you coming in and be in it,
even the player that goes to the net is the second guy over the blue
line. Just like you know you are going to the
net, you are creating a 2-on-1 right here. But more than likely you are at least going to have one other forward with them. So if they are rushing the puck to the
outside, you move it to him, he takes it to the outside we have one guy going to
the net now all of a sudden you are that trailer or maybe have three guys going to the
net and you are that trailer. Because if you are with them and your communicating saying. I am with you, I am with you, now
that third forward should be going to the net and attacking the net soon so you have three different layers. We have
middle guy going hard to the net, that is creating layer one. Then you have the third guy going to the
net but he is going to stay back a little bit that is layer two. Now you are the defense-man, you are in the high slot that is layer three, area that is very hard to defend
against. So it is extremely valuable by headman the puck now if you are going to rush the puck into the zone, that is fine we have a video for
you that will discuss what your options are in terms of how to play
that one on one and create time and space for yourself so I will had that video be in the train today as well and how to be deceptive and get
opportunities and create opportunities for yourself and playing that one-on-one. Because what you do not want to do, you
do not want to turn the puck over as a defense-man when you are rushing it in. Your best option is, either to take that puck wide or to the middle and get a shot on that or just push it down low for a forward to
be able to gain possession. So rushing the puck as a defense-man is not
necessarily as glamorous as it seems more often your objective is not to
be that player that high player coming into the zone with out the puck. So now you are scoring option, however if
you do find yourself rushing the puck into the zone and you do have time and space, you want to be able to create a playing
create a good scoring opportunity, without turning the puck over so without
trying to stick handle directly through a defenseman and make a move. Because more than likely it is a very low percentage play. You are going to get knocked off the puck, you are going to turn it over where you are going to get a poke checked away so that is why you want to watch that
one-on-one video, so you can learn what your different options are to grade a scoring opportunity there’s nothing wrong with you if you have time rushing it up especially if the other players on your
team are covered, but just remember as a defense when you want to headman the puck, you want to get the puck up to your forwards and then you want to follow the
play out.

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