Hockey Drills For Explosive Power + Speed

– Hey hockey players, Coach Garner here from In this video, we’re gonna
go through a collection of six different drills
I use with my athletes to improve their explosive
speed out in the ice. The first drill is the TRX
Explosive Prowler Pull. Now it’s pretty tough to get
any kind of explosive drills in specifically for the movements of pulling but this is an excellent
one for hockey players. What you’re gonna wanna
do is get yourself low in an athletic stance, arms straight out, sit back into the position,
and pull as hard as you can without your legs. Pull, good. No driving the legs back. This is a purely upper body movement. You want to drive your
elbows straight back as explosively as possible. And notice how this is a start stop drill. It’s not one gradual pull. The next drill is an
Eccentric Loaded Box Jump. What you’re going to do
is grab anywhere from say 25 to 40 pounds depending
on your strength level. And you wanna have a good posture and hold these at your side. And slowly lower yourself
down in a three to four second eccentric contraction before
dropping the dumbbells and immediately exploding
up into a box jump. This creates a maximum
amount of stretch reflex in the muscle and creates a
contrast so that you can be as explosive as possible
coming out of the hole. The next drill we’re gonna work on is the Banded Explosive Landmine Press. This is an excellent
drill because it trains that explosive power in your upper body, but especially in the triceps
and the shoulder girdle which translates to all
sorts of complimentary events out in the ice such as
fighting people off the puck, improving your shot power, and
getting position of the puck whether someone’s trying to be on you or you’re trying to fight someone else off among many other things. How you’re gonna set it up, I’m gonna have Kevin come
here and demonstrate it. You’re gonna have a band
coming from behind you. The bar is set up in a landmine position which is essentially just
on the ground in a corner or on the implement if you have it. Have a good posture here. Wrist is always inline with the elbow. And he’s gonna explode into three reps. All back to back to back
before switching sides. If we were in the full
on workout right now, and I’m stepping on the band behind him, or you could tie this to a bench. The next explosive drill
that we’re gonna work on here in the gym is the Lateral
Hop Into Box Jump. Now this is an excellent
exercise specifically for hockey players because
it teaches you to be able to absorb force laterally. But then also explode force loading those lateral muscles as well. Which is really the recruitment
fibers that are active when you’re on the ice due
to the toe articulation in the foot being in a lateral position. So you’re teaching yourself
to decelerate and explode all within the same drill. It’s an advanced box
jump that I love to do to take a hockey player’s
speed to the next level. So I’m gonna have Kevin
come in here and demonstrate it. He’s gonna lateral hop, but
he’s gonna bring his knees up because you do want height. Because the more you can absorb, the more you’re gonna be able to explode. Later hop, up. And that is the Lateral Hop Into Box Jump. – The Banded Pulldown is an
excellent exercise to use for explosive pulling action
that you’re gonna need. Which has an excellent carryover
to shot power on the ice. This exercise is normally
paired with a heavier exercise such as starting with chin
ups and then immediately moving into a Banded Pulldown. What you’re gonna do is
tie the band to the top of a power rack or any other
implement that you have. Go down onto both knees on
the bench or on the ground depending on the length of the band and pull down as hard
and as fast as you can. Now this can be done in a
reps or a time interval. But what’s most important is
to be as explosive as possible. – Ten yards there, ten yards back. Go. Your side, right away, stay low, stay low. Thanks for watching our
hockey training video. Make sure you hit that thumbs
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hockey training content coming your way that’s gonna make you the best possible hockey
player you can be.

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  1. I just started a Chanel documenting some of my training could you check it out and tell me what you think

  2. First exercise it should be noted that this puts a lot of strain on the lower back while in a vulnerable spinal position (as do many other movements we do in hockey). Any rounding of the back could easily lead to a disc injury. I used to think it couldn’t happen to me when I train for hockey but I learned the hard way and can hardly play anymore. Keep training just be careful. Just some advice.

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