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– Hey hockey players, Coach Garner here from In this video, we’re gonna go through four different dry land hockey drills that you can use with a partner or your entire team to get a
hockey specific workout in. The first hockey dry land training drill we’re gonna go through is
the 30 yard lateral shuffle. What you’re gonna do is set
up two cones 15 yards apart, lateral shuffle low as fast as you can to one cone and later shuffle
back for 30 yards total. Rest 60 seconds and repeat for four sets. The 30 yard lateral shuffle is an excellent exercise for hockey players because it trains both your explosiveness and your lateral endurance,
which are both very important for staying explosive throughout all three period of the game. I want you to notice here that Kevin never crosses his feet
once during this shuffle, this is not a crossover or a
carioca, this is a shuffle, you wanna shuffle the entire
duration of the drill. The next dry land training drill we’re going to do is
the partner tag drill. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna create a perfect square, this can be a five yard square, it can be eight yards, it can be 10 yards, it really doesn’t matter
just make a square and you’re gonna have two
people or multiple people in the square at the same time. How it’s going to work is the two partners are going to lay down head to head. One person is going to be it, the other one is going
to be trying to get away. This is excellent for hockey agility because one thing that is a
critique of some agility drills is that they’re very predictable. You already know what you’re doing, whereas hockey is incredibly chaotic and true agility is your
ability to load and explode in chaotic environments, kind of like tag. So it trains reactive, true
agility in a very real way that also works on your conditioning. I’m gonna go and do this
drill with Kevin here and I’ll lay down back to back. Since I’m going to be it, and
he’s the one running away, he is gonna be the one
that cues me to say go. We’re gonna get up and the set
is over once I’ve tagged him with both hands, not just
one, let’s get into it. – Ready, go. (rapid shuffling) – And that is the agility
get up and tag drill. – Ready, go. (rapid shuffling) – The next dry land hockey training drill we’re going to do is
the mirror sprint drill. Now you guys may be
familiar with an exercise we’ve done before called
the mirror lateral shuffle, where you have to follow the leader and mirror everything that
they’re doing going laterally. This is a similar concept but this time we’re sprinting forward. You’re gonna have one
leader and one follower, who is immediately behind that leader. You’re gonna have a distance
of say 10, 15, 20 yards, whatever it’s going to be, we’re doing 15 yards in this drill today and the leader decides when
to sprint, when to stop, when we’re gonna start,
when we’re gonna stop and leader can also decide
if he wants to backpedal. Once you’ve reached the finish line, which is the yellow line behind me here, that counts as one rep, alright? So I’m gonna bring Kevin in here, I’m gonna be the leader and
he is going to be the follower and this is excellent for agility because he has to react to
everything that I’m doing. (heavy breathing) My favorite agility drills are the drills that are non-predictable, you have to be able to
react to other stimulus because this is what
happens out on the ice. You have to react to were the puck is, where the players are,
where your teammates are, where the other teammate
are, where everybody is. So a predetermined movement
pattern isn’t always the best in order to develop true agility. When you’re reacting to the leader, you’re learning how to load and explode in unpredictable environments. The last hockey dry land training drill we’re gonna go through today is a three point agility cone drill. How this is gonna work is
you’re gonna have one leader and one follower who’s
doing all the agility work. Right now, we’ve got three cones set up. Cone one, cone two, and cone three. Kevin’s gonna be starting
at that start line and I, as the leader,
am gonna pick which one he has to run and react and sprint to. He’s gonna react and
say, sprint to cone one, and then backpedal back to the finish line directly in front of
the cone that he ran to. We’re gonna run this, when
you’re working with this with your team or with your partner or whatever it’s gonna be,
do sets of 20 to 30 seconds for anywhere from four to six rounds and only rest while your
other partner is going. This is how it should look. One. Good, three. Good, back, stay low, stay low, two. Good, three. Notice he’s forced to stop
and start as fast as possible. One. And good, you see this is not only agility and it’s not only reactive agility but it’s something you
can do with your team and as you can see,
that gets hard very fast so it makes for an excellent addition to any hockey conditioning workout. Thanks for watching our
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