Hockey Highlights vs. BGSU 12-7-18

who’s headed towards the goal Clark
tried a shot goes down low side of the goal save their rebound it’s loose at
the side of the crease they poked away Lee scored
it’s Oscar Andren that second line converting on another kind of weird goal
I’m not exactly sure how that went in Bednard is talking over with the
linesman and we’ll see what happened right here it comes loose and they never
blue dead cuz there it is just gave it the side of the crease and an Oscar
Andrew and I think pounded it home this seems like they kept on chopping at it
and no goaltender interference there because I think I think that was pretty
clean they just hammered at his pad and I think they got to go in and take a
look at this one regardless there’s Brad Albers and that’s a good goal here comes
Justin mccallion drag move into the middle shoot scored oh my goodness his
first collegiate goal might have been a fluke putting this with five on fitguard
the dogs lead it 3-2 in the third on the strangest goal I’ve seen all night bucks
on that pucks on that as long as you get pucks on that something’s eventually
going to get in just like the way tonight has been going that goal just
went five home snuck it rice past Ben Arden that’s definitely going to be one
that he wants to get back they will pick the puck up for Justin McKay lien and he
will hang on to that one 11:17 to go in the third period he lost
it got it back and just slapped it low on Bednar and it snuck through the
wicket nasal up and heard of the stretch never got to him Zack is back deep now
here’s right rights all alone shoots and scores right went short side on Salman
kangas we are tied with 241 to go Fanning on it is Zach here’s Lucas
Craig’s on the right wing wall Craig shoots and a save by Salman kangas with
the blocker erase counter McDonald’s got a break late shoot save Salman kangas he
dropped it to Cruz cruises and crew shook safe rebound loose in front
Falcons and other state bikes Salman kangas Oh
roadie with a big one here in three three wide open would be a charities
with 147 to go here in the second overtime he keeps this one even at 3
salmon cake is going from one side of the net all the way to the other kind of
sprawling out to make that save it was a great one at that
then he covers it right up no rebound opportunities after that Johnson was
Letourneau Johnson shoot save Salman kangas throw d Salman kangas you have to
give him credit for coming out playing a fine game from the third period on he’s
been great some odd man rushes like you’ve been talking about in the
beginning of this period and Maroney Salomon Kangas just staying big in his
net standing tall and swallowing up those shots salman kangas parks at top
of the crease Schneider ant fakes shoots and scores
nice move by Schneider to cut back to the left goalpost we will see if Cory
Mac and can keep it alive for Ferris State Salman kangas unhappy tracked it
most of the way but Schneider leaned out and made a nice nice poke pass Salman
kangas there oh my gosh look at that move here comes Mackin Mackin he’ll come
straight down Broadway now to the left Mackin and it poked away by bednar the
Falcons win it but if you’re Ferris State a hard-fought tie and I think you
can feel good about that much tonight as they get a point the WCHA standings not
all that satisfying to tie but at the same time you’re taking on the number 12
team in the country and you fought them tooth and nail right to the end

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