Hockey In Slovakia | Watching KHL HC Slovan Bratislava Ice Hockey Game

Okay, so this afternoon is Sam’s special outing. Tell us all about it. Definitely special. I get to go to a hockey game. Yes, you do. I was just thinking when was the last time
I went to a professional game and it was 2 years ago in Belfast when I saw the Belfast
Giants play. And I actually saw a guy in Belfast that I
used to play against. A guy called Kris Beech who used to play on
Sicamous team from British Columbia. Alright, throw that in there. Anyways, it is hockey night in Slovakia so
we’re going to catch a tram and we’re going to go to a professional KHL game. That is the Kontinental Hockey League. What is KHL? It is basically like a Russian and European
league. Alright. And it is probably the second best league
in the whole world behind the NHL so it is going to be really good hockey and I’m pumped
to go watch a game. And what team are we seeing play? We’re seeing the local team. So they I believe they’re HC Slovan Bratislava. Okay. So I don’t have a favorite team in this league
so I think they’re going to become my new favorite team. Alright, you’re the expert. I’m cheering for the local team anyways. Let’s lead the way. Okay. Sam has pep in his step. He’s leading the way. Can’t wait to buy hockey tickets because he
is oh so Canadian. He loves hockey. Isn’t that right? Better believe it. You better believe it. We have scalpers behind us trying to sell
us tickets. Well, I’m glad we’re getting the official
ones because we’d probably be paying a lot more. Well, here is my card. So I decided to splurge on good seats so I
am getting the 22 Euros each. I mean, I don’t get to go to many games so
I want to have good views. Alright, so show us that hat. Check out this. This one is a beauty. It is so so nice. The Slovan hockey team. My favorite new favorite team in the KHL. So let’s try this on. I think it is adjusted properly. Is this the only team you’ve ever watched
play in the KHL? I’ve never seen a KHL game. Oh okay. So this is my first game. So yeah. That is a pretty cool hat. Does it look good on me? Check out the design. I know look at that. Haha. It is awesome. It fits really nice. I like it. I’ll be cheering for the home team. So I’ve gotta like that. Sam is looking oh so happy. How many times a year do you drag me to a
sporting event? I’m lucky if I get you out like once a year. Yeah. If that. I think the last sporting event I went to
was in Seoul when you took me to a baseball game. That is right. It was like 40 degrees out. That was last year. And everyone was like cheering and chanting
for the players. You had a good time but you didn’t want to
go back so I went to a couple more games by myself. Haha. That is how it happens. Oh my gosh and now we’re watching hockey in
Slovakia. Um, I need food. Yeah, me too. So the first section of the arena didn’t look
promising. Like we didn’t see any food and we’re like
oh my gosh we’re not going to have any dinner or drinks but of course just around the corner
there is some. I feel like I can smell onion rings or something
greasy. Yeah, it is probably going to be greasy and
I’m probably going to get a beer too. Well, we sure got a lot of food and drink
for 12 Euros. Let’s this is where I come in food. This I can talk about. This you can talk about. I know nothing about hockey. But we’ve got some sausage. Two sausages and bread. And these are called Klobása. Klobása not Kielbasa. Not like in Poland. Klobasa. These are huge. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Like massive. Lots of mustard. And huge popcorn. I got a big beer. Yeah, these come with they come with 3 slices
of bread, you get mustard, you get ketchup I think. Like I think you’re supposed to like hug the
sausage with the bread. Haha. So you don’t get your fingers greasy. You’re going to put it in some. Oh man, that is going to be good. Good and greasy. Are you like dripping it all over yourself? I may need some napkins. Oh my gosh. Well, how is it? Two thumbs up. And some emergency napkins coming up. Emergency napkins. Sipping on beer. How is the beer? It is really good. Something I immediately like about going to
hockey games in Slovakia versus in North America in the NHL. First off the price of the tickets is reasonable. Like we got really good seats and only 22
Euros each. Yep. And they’re not trying to fleece you with
the concession and stuff. Like to buy this at a hockey game in like
Canada or the US it probably like 30 bucks or 40 dollars. Yeah, and we got all of this for 12 Euros. Like this is really affordable food. That is not bad. Yeah, think about this. Two drinks, two mains and a giant popcorn
for the game. So we’re set. Totally set. Alright going in for the sausage. Oh yeah, look at that. Look at how big that is. That is a big sausage. Look at how big that is. Oh my gosh. Woah. Oh yeah. It is kind of spicy isn’t it. Oh yeah, it is spicy. So juicy. Mmm. Are you admiring it? Just staring at the sausage. I’m admiring the length of it like. Pfff. I had no idea it was going to be this big. Oh my gosh. This all sounds so wrong. Hahaha. Anyways, let’s get back to eating and let’s
save some popcorn for the game. True. Okay, so it is time for Sam’s special speech
about hockey. Yes. I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite
Slovak players of all time. Uh huh. In fact, he may be one of the greatest ever. Marian Hossa. He’s just retiring this year and he played
for the Chicago Blackhawks my favorite team. Your favorite team. My favorite team. Oh my gosh. And had he not joined the team I don’t think
they would have won those 3 Stanley Cups that have recently. He was that good of a player. And he’s one of only 2 players from Slovakia
that have broken a 1000 points in the NHL and in my opinion he’s the best player ever
from this country. So a big shoutout to him. Hope he has a good retirement. Alright but this isn’t his jersey who is this
here? No, that is Stan Mikita. That is a much older player from like my Dad’s
generation. Alright. Yeah. Another famous player too. There is number 10. Cam Barker. He used to play for the Chicago Blackhawks. (Announcements) (Music) (Anthem) (Clapping) Alright Sam, first period is over. What can you tell us so far? Alright, so I can define this game as well
the home team is losing which sucks. They are down one nothing. The goal was really controversial. Because like you couldn’t even tell that it
went in the net. They had to do a video replay. It was just one of those ones that popped
into the top corner off of the mesh and came back out. So we’re down but the game itself has been
really good. The crowd is really into it. There is like constant cheers. There is cheerleaders. So many cheerleaders here. Every time tell us more about the cheerleaders
Sam. Well, you’ve been enjoying the cheerleaders
haven’t you? Have I? Haha. Maybe me a little bit more. I mean like it reminds me a lot of like Korean
baseball. There are just like cheerleaders anytime there
is a break they are out doing their dances and they’re not just like at one of the exits. There is probably like 6 or 7 sections of
them. So but anyways the game has been really good
so far and I’m hoping Cam Barker gets a goal because he’s my uh he’s my Canadian homeboy
so let’s get a goal. He used to be a Blackhawk too so I like him. Well the second period is over are you turning
into a pumpkin? I don’t know what that means but the game
just keeps going on and on. They keep stopping and I don’t realize that
they’ve stopped it until I look up at the clock and it is like what? Haha. It has been more than 30 seconds. Are you ready for this game to end? Yes. Haha. Please. Please. I hope they go to overtime. Haha. This is how I feel about hockey. Haha. Oh my gosh. (Clapping) (Booing) Is it Justin Bieber? Haha. He’s a believer. He’s a Belieber. Okay, so we are back in the apartment. It was pouring rain outside so we couldn’t
really film. We left there and we were like running towards
the tram. Yeah, so womp womp the home team didn’t win. Yeah, it was really going for them. And they were like outshot by like I think
it was like 10 to 12 shots but they were pushing so hard they actually tied up with the other
team in terms of shots but they just couldn’t get one in. So unfortunately they lost. But in terms of the actual experience that
was so so good. Such high quality hockey. Really good entertainment value and I would
definitely go back and watch another game for sure. Spoken like a true Canadian. Yeah. Yeah. Hockey. I do love my hockey. Alright, tata for now guys.

49 thoughts on “Hockey In Slovakia | Watching KHL HC Slovan Bratislava Ice Hockey Game

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    Can someone help me I would like to get ticket for a hockey game on the 9th of may in Bratislava. But I don't know how to do that . I will be forever thankful to you

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