Hockey Lower Body Explosive Power Workout 🏒 [Off-Season Training]

– What’s up hockey
player, Coach Garner here from In this video, I’m gonna
be running you through a lower body explosive speed workout, right from our 2019 off
season domination system. If you want more
information on that program, click on the link in the
comment section below. Lets get after it. All right, I got Kevin here who is ready to do the exercise demonstrations for us, and the first exercises we’re gonna do is gonna be a super set between the Bulgarian Barbell Split squat
and the Depth Box Jump. Here we’re gonna be
doing five sets of each, and the Bulgarian Split Squat is gonna be three reps per leg. The Bulgarian Split Squat is one of my favorite exercises for hockey athletes. I personally think it has the most bang for the buck as far as
hockey performance goes over any other lower body exercise. It corrects structural
imbalances, it builds muscle, it builds
strength, and it opens up the hips, which so many
hockey players need help with. The next exercise is the Depth Box Jump. We’re gonna be doing five
sets of three here as well if you’re super settin’
it with the Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat. Now this exercise, it is the definition of Plyometric, its one of the
most advanced plyometric exercises that you can do in the game. And it really allows
hockey athletes to get that first step quickness. Anything vertical we are
after that acceleration capacity and that’s
really gonna allow you to change direction quickly but also just get that first step quickness to allow you to get to the puck first,
before your opponent. All right, the next series
of exercises we’re gonna be doing is a super set between barbell conventional dead lifts and broad jumps. Here with the conventional
deadlift, its one of the best total body strengthening
exercises in the game. But what’s most important
here is the horizontal hip extension that we’re getting. That horizontal hip
extension is the opposite of the vertical power
expression we were getting with the Bulgarian Split
Squat and the Depth Box Jump. Those two are vertical and
these two are horizontal. Put another way, those
two are very effective for explosive starting speed and these are very effective for
deceleration and top speed. We need both if we’re gonna have the most well rounded speed out in the ice. The second exercise in this
super set is the Broad Jump. You wanna be as explosive as possible here ’cause that’s what’s really
gonna allow you to get that deceleration and top speed that you need out in the ice. Done a lot of Broad Jumps
here at and that’s for a reason. We rest 15 seconds after the Deadlift and then move right into that broad jump in order to be as explosive as possible. The next series of
exercises we’re going to be doing is a tri-set. And the first exercise in this tri-set is the Front Foot Elevated
Dumbbell Reverse Lunge. You’re gonna be doing
all your reps on one leg back to back to back before
moving to the next leg and this is a great exercise
for knee stabilization, hip mobilization, and
overall lower body strength. The next exercise in this tri-set is the One Arm One Leg Dumbbell
Romanian Deadlift. This is a very advanced exercise but advanced exercises give you a lot of return on investment. You’re gonna get a lot of strength within the posterior chain, but what’s most important here is you’re getting cross body posterior chain strength. Cross body strength is very important for athletic movements
because almost everything you do, is cross body out in the ice. Whether you’re shooting,
whether you’re skating, whether you’re exploding from one position to the next, cross body is where its at. Okay, we’re gonna finish off this tri-set with some Standing calf raises. The Standing calf raise
is a great exercise for hockey players ’cause we’re gonna be tackling the gastrocnemius muscle. Now notice Kevin’s tempo
is quite explosive here, he’s coming up very
fast and that’s because the gastrocnemius is a
fast twitch muscle fiber but its also a knee
stabilizer for hockey athletes and something we need to
skate fast out in the ice. Do 15 reps of these and crush it. Thanks for watching our
hockey training speed workout. For all the sets, reps, and rest periods, check out the description. I’ve got all the information
just waiting for you and if you like that video, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel while you’re at it and just for you, we’ve put together an
explosive hockey speed package. I want you to check out the
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and become the fastest hockey player you’ve ever been.

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