Hockey Moms with Mary Mete

My name is Mary Mete, and I’m here to see
my son play his first NHL game. Victor’s grandparents, cousins, are all here. And… friends of ours, his hockey family — what we call his hockey family — and other friends. You’re moments away from making your NHL debut
in front of about 50 members of your family and friends. What’s going through your mind right now? Yeah, I know. I’m just… really excited to get this going, and… I’m happy I got all this support from my family pretty much here tonight. It was nice to see him every day come out
and do his thing, and impress every day, and just… have everybody watch him and say,
‘Wow, I didn’t even know we had this!’ You know, that kind of an idea. You know what? I wish I can describe how I feel, but I can’t. It’s just… Just such an amazing, surreal, proud moment. If this is what proud feels like, it’s awesome. [Recovered by Victor Mete…] [And now it’s official, Marc.] [It’s official for real.] [Victor Mete makes his debut in the big league.] [In the National Hockey League.] [A first shift for the youngster.]

2 thoughts on “Hockey Moms with Mary Mete

  1. Yes! The rangers are 1-4 they really should be 0-5 the should have lost against Montreal

    Before I get a comment saying oh no they didn’t listen up

    That first goal should not have been a goal so I agree with that but the second goal that Montreal made should’ve been a goal let me explain why

    A- The contact was outside the crease

    B- The puck was behind Lundqvist before he got tipped over

    C- He got leaned in by the Rangers player, that’s how Lundqvist fell

    I’m sorry but if it’s considered goalie interference for being pushed into the goalie then I don’t know what goalie interference is anymore

    Tomorrow I am going to the game against the Maple leafs hopefully Montreal wins

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