Hockey Night in Canada ( Guitar Lesson )

Hi i’m bob from toronto Canada This Guitar Lesson is about how to play The theme from Hockey night in canada i’ll Play It first then i’ll Show how it’s Played Go for note It Goes Starts at The 6th string 3rd fret Played twice Into the Third Fret on the 5th string Play twice First Rhett and Play That Three Times to its Done to the fifth fret of the fourth string forget Three Times Third-string Sister Fourth string fifth Fret second-string a Threat Back to the fourth string for threat Say Three Times Third-string different Fourth String of His Threat fifth Fret on the first string Second-String a Threat So that Part there is like Then back to the fourth string fifth fret Play It Three Times Third-string to Threat Second String Fifth Fret Into the Second string e Threat Play twice Have Run to the 93 and a Threat Third String a Threat Into the Second string six threat Please and Run to the sun trip Sixth Fret Second string Six fret Third string so that Birthday Business Their Thing Is the seventh fret on the Third-string Play Three Times? Second String 6 Fret Seventh Fret Eight So it’s Tabs are available for This Guitar Lesson My Guitar lesson website is calm Thanks for Watching Goalies go

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