Hockey-Obsessed Margot Robbie Is an Honorary Mighty Duck

-First of all, I want to say —
Do you live in New York? -I wish I still lived
in New York. No. I´m kind of all over
at the moment. -Because I see you now and then
at Ranger games. -Yeah. Oh, yeah, I´m a big —
Yeah, I´m a big Rangers fan. -You´re a big Ranger fan, yeah. So you go to the Ranger games
all the time, which is fantastic. -Yeah, well, the first place
I lived in, in America was New York, so I was
automatically a Rangers fan. -Ah!
-Yeah. -But you really get into it.
I mean, I´ve seen you — Like, I´ve seen
this photo of you. I don´t know
if you´ve seen this. -There´s embarrassing photos
out there, yeah, yeah. -It´s kind of —
But, I mean, no, I like this. I don´t know
if you saw this photo here. -Oh, visuals.
-This is you. It looks like you´re falling. Looks like you were dropped
from the rafters. Is that a retired jersey that you picked up in the
rafters and then fell down? You look like
you´re midair like — This looks like
a roller coaster. That´s not — That´s —
You´re just going off. -Literally every time, I try and, like,
give myself a pep talk. Like, “Don´t be too animated.” Like, I´ve learned that sometimes when I go to the game,
I get photographed. I´m like, “Keep it cool.
Keep it cool.” But then at some point, I get
swept up in the game, and — -No, you have to do that.
-I get too into it. -No, that´s what a fan does. -And then the embarrassing
photos come out. -I know. They´re really — Yeah.
But, no, this is not embarrassing because it´s you.
It looks cool. But I just love
that you get that into it. But you were saying
that you do like — Now and then,
they put you on the jumbotron. -Yeah. I´ve seen you
on it before, as well, ´cause I follow the Rangers
on Instagram. -I never know what to do
when I´m on there. -Oh, it´s so awkward. -´Cause you just wave hi and
then you just hope for applause. -No, but it´s, like,
uncomfortably long that you´re held
on the jumbotron. -You don´t know what to do.
I can´t do a comedy bit or do other things, so I´m just
kind of, like, waving. -Yeah, what do you do, actually,
when you´re on the jumbotron? Give me some advice ´cause — -I mean, sometimes — I mean — Sometimes
I´ll just wear my ski mask. This is fantastic.
-Yeah, why not? -You show up.
Yeah, you just wear this. You´re just like,
“Hi. How´s it going?” -Just do a little —
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] You know?
-That´s good. -And just like that.
You know, that sort of stuff. -I should do that next time. I´m glad we had
this conversation. -But I never know what to do. And so I ended up just like —
I never know what to do. -I never know
what to do, either, and, like, for the first
three seconds, I´m fine, but I still do something
embarrassing like a double wave, which I never do unless
I´m, you know, walking out onto one of these shows
or, like, on the jumbotron. I find myself doing this,
which is embarrassing. And then it holds it
and holds it and holds it. And I´m like,
“I don´t know what else to do!” -Well, you told me that, and so we actually saw
if we could get a screen grab. And we actually got a picture
of you doing the double wave, which I just think is so… I´ve never really —
I don´t remember even seeing you doing
the double wave ever. Did you do it tonight?
-No, I never do. I try not to do a double wave. -It almost looks like
you´re doing a show tune like… ♫ Hello, my baby,
hello, my darling ♫ ♫ Hello, my ragtime gal ♫ I just love that you go to
the games and just go crazy ´cause I didn´t even know that you were a giant hockey fan
until recently. I saw a photo of — Was it
two Halloweens ago maybe? You and your buddies dressed
as the Mighty Ducks. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -That is what
got you into hockey? -Well, yeah, I mean, growing up
and watching “The Mighty Ducks.” And I love “The Mighty Ducks.” And I always wanted
to play ice hockey. And then, finally,
when I moved to America, I joined a league and stuff,
but, yeah. -You were in, like,
a hockey league? -Yeah, just briefly when I
wasn´t under contract, working, ´cause you´re not allowed to
do it while you´re working. But, yeah. No.
So, for Halloween, we all got Mighty Ducks jerseys and we, like,
ran around New York in a Flying V formation. And we didn´t even
have to prompt it. The people on the streets
would start being like, “Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!” [ All chanting ]
Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! -Here they are!
The Mighty Ducks! Right there! [ Cheers and applause ] That would be a good — I´m just saying —
That´s a good reboot, man. -Yeah, until you get to a club,
and they´re like, “You have to check the
hockey sticks at the door.”
´Cause that´s a weapon. -You can´t bring in
hockey sticks. -So we´d go to each club,
check our hockey sticks. -But I love that you would
only walk in the V formation. -Oh, 100%, yeah. Flying V.
-The Flying V, man. Absolutely.

100 thoughts on “Hockey-Obsessed Margot Robbie Is an Honorary Mighty Duck

  1. Am I the only person who thinks Margot seemed a big off in this interview? Like, even in the box of lies video! Idk…she just seemed sad or something.

  2. AND SHE`S A MIGHTY DUCKS FAN!!!!!! Just when I thought she couldn`t go any higher on my Girl-Crush Metre…:) 🙂 🙂

  3. I will never understand why people especially people who weren't raised to be by their parents for one team are major sports fans

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'd like to see HER flying-V
    Come on, you were thinking that too!

    … glad I'm not the only dirty minded one here.

  5. When gorgeous women actually have a GOOD IDEA for Halloween costumes and don't dress like basic sluts. I dig that so much! 🙂

  6. DC has given us Gal Gadot & Margot Robbie, Marvel have Scarlett Johansson and Brie Larson. Truth be told, Scarlett and Brie are very attractive, but, hands down, Gadot and Robbie are the two most beautiful and charming women one can think of.
    If I’d be hard pressed to cast my vote, Gal takes the cake. She has this elusive quality of being drop dead sexy gorgeous, yet exudes bambi-like sweetness. She is like a super volcano which erupts chocolate.

  7. Love her! She's very talented! Have you all seen this video?? It's a great compilation of everything she's ever been in!

  8. Margot is a cutie but thin yea probably has to be like that size so she can get more film roles to be even more famous and also daisy Ridley is probably gonna hafta be skinny too to get even more roles.

  9. OMG she's a hockey fan. I'm from Montreal… there's a chance.. I, Tonya is great and she's the next great actress, not just a pretty face.

  10. It’s obvious she really doesn’t know anything about hockey I’ve seen her on so many shows and she’s always for another team it’s never the same team it’s where she is that’s the TV route that’s not a hockey fan

  11. My god…for such a cute woman she sure has a big self confidence problem. What’s the big deal that she jumps up and down at a game or double waves. Geez

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