Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Cross Checking

The next penalty we’re gong to show you is
cross checking. The hand signal for cross checking is, like this. And it’s usually a
minor penalty, but depending on the severity you could get a more severe penalty. So, different
ways a cross checking penalty could happen is if a player is skating towards you and
you just go like this. Actually we’ll demonstrate it. So if a player is coming towards you and
you go like this, and you keep both hands on the shaft and it’s not on the ice, the
stick is not on the ice, it’s up here. And you go like that. You’re going to get called
for cross checking. Also if a player is standing away from you and you do that, just like that.
That’s going to be cross checking. Also if a player happens to be on the ice and you
don’t like what’s gong on, and you give one of these, you?re going to get called for cross
checking. So, don’t do it.

12 thoughts on “Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Cross Checking

  1. Couple wrong calls here, if they're skating away, it is possible to call them from hitting behind (call looks the same, but is with hands open with palms forward) , which is usually a Game misconduct. And if they're on the ice getting up, it would probably be a Roughing, or a Unsportsmanlike conduct.

  2. I get you shouldnt have two hands on the stick and hit them with the shaft of the stick, like bunt them with your own stick, how should you check them then? I mean when you just want to push them down with your hands? Let go of the stick with just one hand then push?

  3. I see alot of cross checking that gets no calls to and thats why I get confused by NFL rules because they are not consistently called by the referee's.

  4. This is youtube gold from the era were no one really knew what the fuck they were doing. Upload a hundred 1 minute videos about random shit? sure, why not

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