Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Delay of Game

Now we’re going to show you the delay of game
penalty. The signal for this is like this. And this happens when a player closes his
hand on the puck, when a goalie shoots the puck over the boards or even in today’s NHL
you can see players in their own defensive zone if they shoot it over the boards, they’re
going to get called for a delay of game penalty. Also if a coach doesn’t get his team out on
the ice right away, that can be a delay of game. But unlike the other one’s you wouldn’t
get actually called for a minor penalty. So a couple basic demonstrations of a delay of
game is, if a player is on the ice and the pucks down there and he decides to just keep
his hand on the puck, completely covering it, that’s a delay of game penalty which will
result in a minor penalty. Also, like I said in today’s NHL if a player hits it over the
boards like this, let me get one more whack at that. That’s a delay of game.

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