Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Hitting From Behind

The next penalty we’re going to show you is
hitting or checking from behind. The hand signal for this penalty is like this. And
this happens when a player hits another player behind the back whether it’s in the open ice
or it’s up against the boards. It’s one of the most violent penalties that can happen.
Usually it’s an automatic minor penalty and a misconduct, but depending on the severity
of the injury, can lead to a game misconduct. Now I’m going to demonstrate it, very slowly.
But if a player is going up against the boards and you kind of do a body check like that
from behind at full speed. You’re going to be gone; you’re going to be tossed. Also if
you?re skating in the open ice, the player is skating away from you. And you clearly
hit him from behind, you’re going to get called. And like I said it mostly results in a game
misconduct which means you’re suspended for the rest of the game. So it’s important when
you’re making a body check you keep it from the side or to the front.

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