Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Hooking

The first penalty we’re going to show you
is probably one of the most common penalties in ice hockey and that is hooking. When you’re
given a hooking penalty the signal for it is, like this. And usually, actually all the
time that’s a two minute minor. It’s when you use your stick, to hook another player
around the waist, underneath the arm, are probably the most common areas you’ll see
a hooking penalty. And now I’m going to demonstrate it, what a hooking penalty looks like. So let’s say I’m skating and an opposing player
is skating away from me and I’m trying to catch up to him and I stick my hand in here
and I kind of yank like that. You’re going to get called. Also if the player’s skating
away and you know you go down low, that can get a hook, or if you go up high, same thing,
hook. So it’s important that you keep your stick, if your going to try to keep your stick
near the player, you try not to get that, basically this part of the blade in to the
player. And that’s the hooking penalty.

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