Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Roughing

Now we’re going to show you the roughing penalty.
The hand signal for this penalty is like this, and basically it happens when there’s pushing,
shoving, even some punches thrown that aren’t severe enough to be called for fighting. And
I’m going to demonstrate it. First, if you just, maybe, give one of these. A ref sees
it that could be considered roughing. Also, if someone’s walking by and decide to just
punch them in the back, that’s going to be considered roughing. Also, in non-check leagues,
a roughing penalty can just be a simple hit. So if a player is just skating and I do a
clean hit along the boards. A clean hit in a non-check league, that’s going to be called
for roughing. And sometimes if the penalty is really bad, you’ll get thrown out of the
game. And that’s the roughing.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Roughing

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  3. So what if I play in a bantam league and I go for a clean hit, it wasn't vicious or head contact or a punch or push or anything and I get called for roughing?

  4. I tackled a kid when he was jabbing at my goalie and i didnt get a penalty and it was after the whistle in front of both refs

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