Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Tripping

The next penalty we’re going to show you is
tripping. Tripping is another minor penalty and it’s when a player uses his stick or body
to make an opponent fall to the ice. We’re going to demonstrate a couple of examples
of what a tripping penalty would look like. So the most common way for a tripping penalty
to occur is when a skater is skating away from you and you kind of use your skate down
here and you basically kind of like hook. Or if you get by accident, some times this
can actually occur by accident. You kind of get your blade around their ankle or skate
or leg and you make them fall to the ice. Also a trip can be if I’m coming down low,
something like that where you get both the entire shaft of the blade underneath both
legs. And I’m not going to demonstrate it, but you could use your body to trip if I was,
I don’t know coming down low and I made him trip like that. You could get called so. That
is the tripping penalty.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: Tripping

  1. Using a body to "trip" the way you demonstrated, depending on the age group, could just be a check. But if it's non contact hockey it would be a trip. Also should explain the rules of a trip if the tripping player dives to knock the puck away.

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