Hockey Player Assaults Ref

this is the game between i know you saw
this little aliens great britain in the under eighteen world championships in
estonia necessary to win for great britain this
is uh… of the popular reasonable hockey or hockey costing him yes uh… growth okay so you’re gonna see right here
what’s the bottom left of your screen for brenda baloney all holes so it just throws the sticking to
the referee here how about that how about that mel allen uh… and then there is there a as their
uh… the repercussions rather every living struggle after the kid there’s
the video when i was a guy from i’d believe that was as a matter of account
and then the politic the weather regulators schatzi far why would you do that in the referee
actually whether between and split it up now we don’t know what the punishment is
i would have to deal with one of these disbanded ratified it why did he through
the state of the referee obviously he was pissed off about a call about it the
way that game went packing cases are handled these argues gonna be there
which is frustrating me to hit the referee i mean on some level in delhi if
you want to make it unintentional fraud into the glass i got to but if you want
to hit the if used aiming for the referee i think you at some level kudos great something that’s not easy to do really
we will have more all week crap that comes for armies holding his own i didn’t get
yelled at in estonian how fucking scary that was paid scene of
the language nobody can be pretty perfect you know looks like old-school k_g_b_ locked up
in the seller asking information to the estonians are gonna be so happy to hear
about the celebrity maybe it’s a beautiful and which they may be maybe
it’s lyrical so um… a treaty to end for great britain that
was that was lithuania is away so that was it really is so so sorry lithuanians
organism beautiful it was estonia this is with the winningest then the
latest nominal bus who decided to check his facts i’m a
little surprised that the british play hockey at all

55 thoughts on “Hockey Player Assaults Ref

  1. Yea. I'm Lithuanian American. I lived in Lithuania for 13 months, came back in August.

    What can I say? Little alcohol, little hockey. Hey, it's Lithuania! 🙂

    BTW Lithuanian is a very beautiful language.

  2. Now being from Estonia I'd say that it's not an ugly language.
    Sounds similar to japanese, idk find out yourself.
    link for someone who's interested: watch?v=_gSo6rQfNV0

  3. Ben is awesome!!!! im Canadian and love hockey but i find his commentary typically American and at the same time hilarious….. ignorant, in these cases, = funny.

  4. Ben is that friend that everyone has that you have NO CLUE why you keep asking him his opinion because it basically never is going to be sane, but you love it. Honestly, I at one point did not care for ben, but he has really grown on me. I love his rants now. Rick, you need make a reoccurring segment for ben. I want a segment in which you ask Ben questions that you know will lead down a path of insanity that I can laugh at.

  5. Well Rick. you have never been to Lithuania. I know 16 year old who frequent bars there, its just not the same culture. I'm proud of him.

  6. he totally aimed for the red you can see him track the ref with his eyes the entire pull back and follow through. also would love to visit either country

  7. Good idea. Definitely noted. Currently a different show is in the making on TYTSports which has a lot of my attention, but I'm making a note of this.


  8. When england played estonia at football, my mums ex went, got arrested for going into the estonian end & the cops beat the living shit out of him……infairness he deserved it the guys is a cunt lol.

  9. I don't know. He intentionally threw his stick at a referee. It wasn't an accident. What should we wait for? Until he sriously injures someone?

  10. No word of a lie, funny thing is early that day he was on the news.
    Serves him right for being a tight son o' ma bitch aand going on the estonian end and not the england side.

  11. Why don't you do the research before you post a video. under 18 you get disqualified and can't play for the rest of the season under usa hockey rules

  12. Lesson of the forever: don't get pissy and throw a tantrum. Even if he didn't mean to hit the ref and was just being pissy about the loss he still ended up hurting the ref and could face a very huge disciplinary process for it.
    I saw someone get mad and break their stick on the goal and it cracked and a piece hit a player and cut them really bad.
    You look like a little baby when you get pissy and you can hurt other people.

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