hockey players really do be like that sometimes

Open your mouth. Make me. [Laughter] Ah, you probably gotta go with You got a beautiful face. Thanks, yeah. You should be on camera every day. [Meme audio:] is it — is it real? Alexander, who is your celebrity crush? I’m guessing right now a little bit more on
who JT would put and he talks about this guy like more than anyone so I think he might
have Gabe Landeskog on here. [Offscreen:] What!? [Offscreen:] Are you kidding me!? [Laughter] But just to clarify like JT actually has a crush on — on Landy so… [Offscreen:] Oh. It wasn’t — like was guessing
more on behalf of JT than… What is it about Landy that’s so appealing to you? [Offscreen:] Yeah, okay, the obvious. We’ll have to see how many chocolates are in here maybe I can give one to a few of my teammates If you do that this is over. [Awkward laugh] [Off screen:] See you there. [Laughter] [Meme audio:] What the f*ck? Is that allowed? Me and Brady have a funny story, actually, I had to sleep in his bed one night — with him. We took out — my old mattress
was so bad — so we took that out, put the new one in, and slept together that night. So…yeah… That was uh… Good bonding. That was an experi–good bonding, yeah. Very good. [Meme audio:] What’s better than this? Guys being dudes. I’m sitting here and I’m gonna try and make fun
of this guy. How am I — ? And I’m gonna sit here with my loaf and try and make fun of him. It’s just not right. It pains me to say it but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Thank you. Are you interviewing
the boys or are you hitting on all the boys? [Laughter] Nah we’re busy, we’re busy. Get
this guy out of here. Well I can’t get a date otherwise so I’m just hoping… Tyson I think
you look great tonight buddy. Thank you, thank you.

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