Hockey Scrimmage with the President of Finland !

Hey guys, so me and my friend Josh that you
saw in the first pond hockey video that we filmed in Finland have just got to Stockholm in Sweden. We’ve got about 2-3 hours to check in with some
cool people, have a good time before we have to leave for another flight to
Helsinki Finland. What could we do in 2-3 hours here.. hmm I think we could have
some fun there, let’s check it out so customer service, we had finance.
Hows it going guys. Hockey Tutorial from YouTube UK so they’re in
town for a few hours. So we went to meet Europe to visit our distributors and
made a selling with a new stick families that’s coming out later in the QT q4 I’m actually gonna show you the
presentation later Chris and Josh regarding our istic usage today from the
World Juniors we recently it’s a big win us launching products during
World Juniors but also now this year when we have the Olympic coming up we
really focus on the on the flag stick program yeah so it’s good visibility
during the tournaments and also it’s gonna be almost unreal usage
percentage team so yeah we’re really looking forward to that as always it’s been an awesome but
educational visit to CCM, how has it been Josh? Yeah, seeing all the unreleased
stuff very cool, very cool it’s so sick I wish we could share more
but you have to wait. Good to see you again. Until next time buddy. see you. Take care Thank you. Now we’re heading
back to the airport after spending I think it was about two and a half hours
maybe three hours in Sweden. Gonna head to the airport hopefully we’re not gonna
be late and miss off flight and then we’re gonna be headed over to Helsinki
in Finland warranty is for two year.
Advice, when you settle down, take a picture of the receipt. take a picture of your receipt, save
it. And if anything goes, wrong email them okay, no worries, thank you very much I have my
Phantom 4 with me.. I forgot the batteries no batteries no idea where to get some
so I just picked up a Mavic Pro (Josh – thats a cool grand) so the drone issue is sorted out
now it’s pretty dark the department looks
legit’ difficult to see anything but our apartments over there and the spot that
we play hockey on the Baltic Sea on is right there, couldn’t have picked a better place casually stepping out onto the sea. How is the ice?
is quite bad but the guy was saying that on the rear end of that
ship there should be like a little bit better condition if you need a hand just let us know now that we’ve got some food in the
apartment it’s hockey time Day two, so what we’re gonna be getting up to today is heading over to meet the guys this morning at Braha which is the place that we skated at last night They’ve got some sort
of surprise no idea what let’s get it on Chris, you’re multi-talented oh yeah! President Sauli Niinistö – this is I
think the relaxing part of it oh yeah, I love it Takes the game back to its roots. President Sauli Niinistö – Yes! I go every now and then just when I have
the idea it would be nice to play hockey President Sauli Niinistö – I will go to käpylä and they know me
and the will always take me Thank you for letting us play with you. Nice to meet you! An absolute pleasure. What a way to start a day. Hockey scrimmage in the morning with the
President of Finland So here’s the deal. We’re here in Helsinki Finland for pond hockey so we only have our skates, gloves and some helmets but Käpylä maanantai have
invited us to play in a proper game on ice indoors five-on-five goalies the
full thing. So we very kindly have been able to stop by a store here in Helsinki
who are gonna load us some equipment so we’re just going around now selecting
what gear we’re going to use for the game tonight. It’s full contact so we
need to get some decent stuff just Thank you very much!
ok, ok
See you tomorrow Just finished at Hockey Corner the guys there have
very kindly let us borrow some equipment massive thank you to the guys at Hockey
Corner Called a taxi to get back to the apartment so we can chill out have some
food before the game tonight look where the taxi pulled up…Now
that’s service. we are running extremely late! We are so late
Kiitos, Kiitos, Kiitos Aside from
being super late to the game we are going underground the. Rink is
underground Kiitos, Kiitos yesterday we dominated them in pond hockey Svante. With your own words, we *** ***** you. I don’t remember it that way. I remember it as we winning. Hahah! So you got some puck in your fanny. Hahaha!! Awesome end to the day. The guys here in Finland, Helsinki are gonna be joining us in Antwerp for the indoor pond hockey
classic so great result looking forward to seeing them again in April. pick up
the bags time to go it’s been awesome here last few hours here before we have
to catch our flight back to the UK. Gonna go play some sea hockey. This apartments
been awesome, definitely coming back So right now we’re trying to get to the
spot that we’re playing pond hockey on the sea rather than a pond which is
pretty sick. We have way too many bags and we have to walk all the way down
there. So what I’ve done is just flagged a random guy down who’s been very kind
enough to say yes and agree to a lift so let’s load up My brother put my phone down. Thank You Man thank
you my brother thank you so much bless you man
Much appreciated
peace in love till the next Absolute legend man he picked us up from our hotel spot way way way down there
brought us around the one-way systems because you can’t just drive across the
street to the spot that we’re playing on the sea with all these bags absolute
star My man, thank you Svante
thank you Appreciate it dude
till next time guys see ya thank you Thank you man! appreciated take care.
Always a good time with the boys
Have a good trip Damn I love this place! what an end to a weekend what a weekend had a blast here. Every
single time you come to Finland it gets better and better what a spot to play hockey in right what a
location to play hockey in now we’re late let’s go to the airport back to the
UK I just got to the airport we came here with four sticks and we’re leaving
with two, we have no idea where the other two sticks are… brilliant oh my god we are straight-up trying to put all of
this into one hockey bag

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