Hockey Shots : Ice Hockey Dekes

Now I’m going to be showing you some different
kinds of dekes. Dekes are great because it’s an extra element of surprise for the goalie.
You don’t always have to do a wrist shot or a slap shot. You could use your back hand
and fake one way, go the other way, and it’s–they’re actually a lot fun. So, I’m just going to
show you the most common ways of deking on a goalie. So if you’re coming down on the
goalie, you fake one way, and come around the other way. Or you can do it starting with
your forehand, coming back with a back hand. Also you could come down, fake–that didn’t
go in, but. Try that again. Fake one way, five hole. One of my personal favorites, that datsuki
in deke,
which is similar to the second one I showed you, but a little bit quicker. Also, if you
wanted to go around the net, fake one way, come around, do something like that. And those
are just some few ways to deke on the goalie.

59 thoughts on “Hockey Shots : Ice Hockey Dekes

  1. no not shit and yes datsuyk uses that deke. its one of his favorites. check some video before talking shit man. and at full speed yes those dekes will give you a goal.

  2. The Datsyuk deke requires that you fake the forehand, pull it back to your forehand with the backhand side of the blade and shoot forehand. This guy just fakes backhand and shoots forehand.

  3. It looks like they just picked a random hockey player and said, "show us some dekes." he didn't look very prepared at all. besides that though, he was obviously going slow purposefully and the goalie bit on the fakes on purpose. also, these are beginner videos, so you NHL players dont have to comment on how basic they are.

  4. Wow, do all you people realize that hes not trying, its called an example. And instead of sitting at home flaming this guy, he providing tips for people who don't know very much of this stuff. And I doubt the people who comment negitive on this dont even know how to skate let alone deke.

  5. your totally right am on your side ( people cant say negative comments when someone is trying to teach the ones that are maybe not so good at this and trying to start and have fun with this sport…)

  6. this guy blows! "oh just let me put the puck in everytime cause i cant actually score doing this moves!"

  7. Who the fuck goes behind the net just to try a wrap-around? This guy probably gets fucked up all the time. He's old enough to be at the junior level but I dont see him lasting longer than 5 seconds in a juniors game.

  8. How hard as in how tough physically on your body, or in skills like shooting, skating, and dekes?

    Either way I'd give both aspectes a 10, but then again the same could be said for every sport. ex. You can take a slap shot, but are you doing it correctly? Just remember to always give it your all on every shift. Even if you're completely exhausted push yourself beyond your limit, this will help you become better, and increase endurance (not to mention impress the coach hehe)

  9. Duh, he is not dekeing at full speed, so obviously if he is going half speed to demo the different dekes, and the goalie is moving around at normal speed, the goalie would block all his shots. Duh.

  10. why the fuck when going one on one with a goalie go around the whole net and going for a wrap around when the chances of doing one is slim….

  11. AND ONE MORE THING. if its a real game, the defence will stop you from faking a wrap around. it wouldnt work anyway unless the goalie is like 7

  12. dude i was talking bout the wrap around. the wrap around had nothin to do with deking and the defence would most definitely not let u get a shot off unless its like squirt house league or something

  13. in a real game, deking around defenceman behind the net is extremely hard. if u can do it then props to u, but i doubt that many people could do the behind the net stuff from this video WHILE deking out the defencemen

  14. thats datsyuk move before the one footed one he had two but switched to the other one look it up and hes going slow to show u it dumbass's stop leaving bad comments

  15. i just love the way everyone is "dissin" the video. lol the guy is just trying to help those that actually need it. nothing more, nothing less…

  16. Am i the only one who laughed at 0:37 and how he says backhand ? You can tell by how hes saying it that hes trying so hard to make it nice but it was horrible

  17. For the Datsyuk, you would come from the left, go backhand, forhand, then toe drag back to left side. Your Datsyuks a little whacky

  18. Thats not the actuall datsyukian deke. He goes forehand fake, drags it back towards him with the back side of the stick and scores top shelf

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