Hockey Shoulder Workout To Prevent Injuries

Hey hockey players coach garner here from hockey training comm one thing I’ve noticed is that hockey players very Commonly have shoulder injuries this workout is specifically designed to work on the muscles that are going to help you prevent Injuries and help protect your shoulders from the inside out. It’s going to help keep you healthy all season long For the barbell Cuban press you want to almost upright row the bar up And then externally rotate the bar over your head in Somewhat separate motions you see that he’s externally rotating each time and not doing one explosive movement With the trap tree raised it’s very important that you retract your scapula before the actual raising part of the movement Scapular retraction is very important for hockey players to make sure that they’re preventing their injuries out in the ice With the dumbbell external rotation, it’s important that you go through as much range of motion as you possibly can and Control it both on the way up and the way down rotator cuff Can typically be weak for hockey players so we don’t want to be too explosive here And we don’t want to cause the very same thing that we’re preventing here. Which is a shoulder issue For the dumbbell lateral raise you don’t want to go too far above shoulder height you’re not gonna get activation above that and it’s important to control the movement on the way up and On the way down a lot of people mess up their weight selection here choose way, too Heavy of a weight and use the rest of their body and momentum instead of their delts to try and get the exercise done The Rope phase pull is an excellent exercise to help balance out the development of the upper back with the chest it’s very important with this exercise as well that you take the Scapula through the fullest and longest range of motion as it possibly can and pinch those shoulder blades together at the back of the movement Thanks for watching our hockey training video if you’d like that video be sure to give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to our Channel and for more information on hockey specific workouts click the link in the description below

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  1. I've been rehabbing my shoulder(s) for what feels like forever. Looking forward to adding these exercises to my routine now that I have enough strength and mobility for them. Thanks for this video!

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