Hockey Stickhandling + Core Training [9-Minute Workout!]

– Hey what’s going on hockey players? Kevin here from And in this video, I’m
gonna run you through a super quick nine-minute
hockey stick handling and core workout. So we’ve got nine different exercises, each exercise is gonna last for one minute and we’re gonna alternate between stick handling and core work. So let’s get right into it. All right, so for the first minute we’re gonna do the classic
seven-point stick handling drill to get warmed up. So we’ve got seven points around our body, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. We’re gonna stick handle at
each point for a couple seconds, work all the way around,
and then all the way back and you can continue until
you get the full minute. So it looks something like this. All right, so like I mentioned, exercise number two is
gonna be a core exercise. So we’re gonna get to the
ground and we’re gonna do planks with alternating leg lifts. So we’re gonna get into
a normal plank position. And from here we’re gonna lift up a leg and squeeze that glute
for about one second. And then alternate. Really squeeze that glute
and do that for one minute. Exercise number three is going to be the vertical figure eight. So I’ve got two pucks here, vertically, so up and down. I’m gonna put them off to my
forehand side a little bit and then I’m going to get the third puck and do figure eights between the pucks. So it looks something like this. You can see I’m kind of using
a bit of a toe drag as well. If you screw up like that don’t worry, just get the puck and keep going. We’re going to do this for a full minute. All right, so back down to the ground for exercise number four,
we’re gonna do Russian twists. So what you wanna do is
you wanna kind of sit back with your knees bent here. Your legs and your feet off of the ground. And we’re gonna act like
we have a medicine ball or something in our hands. We’re just gonna alternate
side to side like this for one minute. If you do have something to hold onto, about maybe let’s say 10 pounds, hold on to something
while you’re doing this if you’re more advanced. If you’re a younger athlete
you can leave your feet on the ground if you have to. But try to keep them up
for the full one minute. All right, so for this fifth exercise, I’m gonna do a horizontal figure eight. So I’ve got two pucks here
lined up horizontally. With my third puck I’m gonna go in between these other pucks in a
figure eight fashion, looking like this. So exercise six is gonna
be your classic v-ups. So we’re gonna get down
on the ground here, stretched out, so we got
our hands above our head. We got our feet straight out. And what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna lift our feet slightly and we’re
gonna meet our hands and feet in the middle, keeping our feet off the ground the whole time. So this is what it looks like. (upbeat music) For the seventh exercise
here we’re gonna do a fake shot into a backhand toe drag. So to sell the shot, we
wanna pull the puck back on our forehand side,
just behind our body here. We can take a quick peek at the net, we can lean into it
like we’re gonna shoot, we can lift that leg up as well. And from there you’re gonna
pull the puck forward. When it gets just in front of your body you’re gonna flip your stick up like this and do that backhand toe drag. So this is how it would look and you do this for one minute. So a couple stick handles in between, and then the back hand toe drag. Try to look up if you
can, don’t worry about keeping your head up when
you’re actually doing the backhand toe drag,
you’ll see a lot of NHLers will actually look down to
make sure the get that puck. But you wanna sell it by looking
up when you’re back here. (upbeat music) So exercise number eight here is gonna be our final core exercise. We’re gonna get down into a plank and we’re gonna do elbow to knee touches. So I’ll show you how it looks and I’ll show you a variation
if you aren’t as advanced or maybe your core is just burning. So the first one is a little more tough. Here’s your standard plank here. And bring your elbow to your knee, we’re going alternating for one minute. If you find that’s too tough, you can do a plank like this. Just a little bit easier. All right, so the ninth
and final exercise here is gonna be one-handed stick handling. So we’re gonna do 30
seconds on our forehand side and 30 seconds on our backhand side. And this will sometimes
come into play in games when maybe you’re fighting
someone off the puck or someone’s holding your
arm or whatever it is, and you’ve only got one hand on the stick and you’ve gotta either make a pass, control the puck, or maybe
even get a shot off on net. So we really wanna
strengthen those forearms and those wrists, kind of
burn them out here at the end. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re just gonna take off to our forehand side, we’re gonna take the top hand off our stick. We’re just gonna stick handle
with our forehand like this. Again, kind of looks funny but it works. You’ll feel those forearms
burn a little bit. On the backhand side we’re gonna take off our bottom hand here and
we’re just gonna stick handle for 30 seconds like this. You can probably see my forearm
working a little bit there. Trying to show the camera,
maybe I’m too far away, but forearm is definitely working here. And you’re gonna do that for 30 seconds and that’s gonna wrap it up. So hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did hit that thumbs
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