Hockey Tactics: How to Create Scoring Opportunities

One of the key goal scoring components and tactics is attacking the middle of the rink.
Your best opportunity to score goals is going to be in the middle of the rink
here in this area right here which is going from the post up to the dot. Up to the blue line, pulls up to the dot upto the brink. So, anytime you are in this area right here you can consider this a goal scoring
opportunity. You should be shooting to score. Obviously there are a couple
scenarios for which that may not be true if you have a defenseman right on you. So a defender right on you and you are shooting through a screen then you know we are just getting the
puck to the net getting a good quick hard release. But if you have a clean shot here you are shooting the score. But
shooting the score does not mean that you take your time, you pick a target,
you stare at the target, you have a big windup. Because then what happens we have already talked about all this. One the goal is ready, two defenders collapse on you and you
get the puck poke checked to your shot line blocked no. You still have to have a sense of urgency
but once you get in this area here; you are shooting hard, you are shooting to
score and like I said that does not mean you are taking your time you still have to
have a sense urgency. Quick hard shot do not over think
it, do not stare at your target too
long here we are shooting the score now get into this area of the ice with the puck, takes hard work it takes will power it
takes commitment. Whether you are down the corner
here you are attacking here your attacking down here using your body to protect the puck.If
you are forward you got to earn this area, these areas of the ice are
earned right here. It’s earned with your body position, it’s
earned with your effort, it’s earned with your feet.What I mean by feet is moving your
feet to attack those areas the ice using your
extension of reach and using your body to protect the puck
and bringing it into this areas now you are not always going to score goals in those areas. Maybe you get the puck poke checked
away you know maybe you are going for that area of the ice and you get hit, you
get knocked of the puck but guess what there are going to be other forwards
coming down in collapsing and you will be surprised when you get into these areas of
the ice. How many plays open up for you, how many
opportunities open up for you because people are gonna start collapsing on you leaving your teammates open or people are gonna start taking away
your other options, there are gonna watch you take the puck to the front of the
net. Same thing as a forward if you are coming in or a defensive if you rush in the pot okay take that puck either down low, intake in the middle or cut high here and take it into the middle. Defacement getting the puck on the blue line taking it to the middle. Earn the middle the ice good things come
to players who are willing to put in the effort and
the willpower and make the sacrifices because you are going to get hit to get to the middle of the rink. Now
you want to avoid turnovers, you want to get quick shots you want to have a sensible urgency, but
attack the middle the rink. Goal scorers get to the middle of the
rink. So we have examples here and how you can
get to the middle the rink. We have an assignment for you in terms
of how to implement that into your game. The goal here is getting good
quality scoring opportunities from the middle of the rink, not taking your time and just thinking
that because you get there and you have little bit of time. But you can relax and take your time slow wind-up slow shot, stay on the target. No. Hard shots, quick releases, earning
your ice here in the middle of the rink. That’s a goal scorers mentality.

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