This is a confidence lesson and
and it’s about building a goal scoring mentality. And it’s the key, if you want to
start scoring more goals and creating more plays. Then you have the mentality of the goal scorer and that’s going to start just first and foremost by just believing in yourself. Believe in yourself and you participating in this program and the training that’s involved in this program you should start believing in yourself. You should have a belief that you can score goals. You should have
a belief that everytime you touch the pock that its going to end up in the back of the
net and you’re going to create an opportunity. And that is the most important key is just
believing in yourself and part of that comes from training and hard work. Another part of it comes
from not over thinking. So don’t hesitate, don’t try to make the
perfect play, don’t stare down the goalie; and stare down your target. Just know where that target is and
shoot it quick. Get a quick release, don’t hesitate. Don’t make the perfect play, you don’t
have to make the perfect play. The perfect play is getting a good quality shot on net.
So make a move to the middle, get to the middle of the rink, get to a good
goal scoring location and get a good shot on net. And then have a shoot first mentality. A lot of times I see players that are struggling with goalscoring is because they are constantly looking for that pass first. What happens is that they end up forcing the play. Or by the time they realized
that the pass isn’t there everyone’s already collapsed on them and they can’t get a good quality shot on net anymore. Go with that goal scoring shoot first
mentality so when you get into a good shooting area or good goal-scoring area, you have to
have a shoot first mentality. That’s got to be your primary objective. Get a good
quality scoring opportunity what’s going to happen is that after you had that shoot first
mentality you start getting some good quality shots and it’s going to goals people are going to suck to you and they’re
going to suck to you fast. They’re going to start respecting your shot and that’s
when you’re going to start opening up players around you. So no going with the pass-first
mentality, going with the shoot first mentality and believe it or not that’s what is going to
allow you to make more passes. Because people are going to respect your
shot they’re going to respect the fact that your body language is to shoot the pock and when your body
language and your position is set up to shoot people started tracking themselves to
you, the defenders you might suck 1, 2, 3 defenders to you that are coming out to
play and out of position and that’s when
you’re going to start opening up the players around you. So have that shoot first mentality. Preparation is another key to goalscoring. Just being prepared to receive the pock. Always be ready,
don’t let yourself to be off guard. And that’s having that goal scoring
mentality is always been prepared. Always knowing that that pock might come to you at any second and you are always ready to shoot. So always be
prepared for that pock, always be ready to shoot the puck. Get
your body in a position where you’re ready to shoot and you can shoot quickly. Don’t be surprised when that puck
comes to you and you have to make a couple of stick-handles and shoot. Now, there’s an assignment that I have for
you below on how to build confidence and how to
build that goal scoring mentality. So I want you to complete that assignment at the end of today’s training.

2 thoughts on “Hockey Tip: GOAL SCORING MENTALITY

  1. Hi Zac, I have a question for you: what's the definition of a good hockey player ? See I'm playing at a higher level this winter but surprise, the team is lacking skills player. I'm a power forward, I forecheck hard and I'm a goal scorer. But I have nobody to help me on this team. I'm not the kind of girl to carry the puck from one end to the other.

    Now, I'm in a scoring slump. No points in 5 games and my team is not winning! My confidence was so high back in september when the season started and now I feel like a bad player because I can't make my team win. If I'm really a good hockey player I should make my team win no ?

    How do I get out of this slump now ?


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