Hockey: TRY THIS to Score More Goals

Here we are going to go through a
white board tutorial for forward positioning down low and this
is to create time and space as the park carrier. So understanding as the forward and having the puck down low in these areas, how to create time and space for
yourself so you can see the ice, you can attack the net, you can make plays; is going to be key. So, puck’s in the corner and you’re
going to pick that puck up and you have a defenseman on you. A couple things that you need to
consider; one is that you need to have speed. Your initial goal when you’re picking up
that puck should be to beat that defenseman with speed. It doesn’t
necessarily mean you have to beat him one-on-one but you should beat him with
speed. Because a mistake that a lot of forwards make is that they pick up to puck and they start
slowing down and it’s going to be really easy to play you as a defenseman if you’re slowing down.
So give him head fake there, act like you’re going one way, go the
other way and then accelerate out of that turn. Get low, get body position and
that’s going to give you an angle and if you have an angle, if you have a
step just take it right to the net immediately. That’s your simplest option
right there. Second option is that you have speed and that defenseman does a good job playing you but now he has to back off just a little bit and over-compensate in trying to angle you off. That is going to give you an opportunity for a cutback. So that speed is going to force that
defenseman to take a big angle on you and cut you off. and that is going to create an open space right here and that’s gonna give you opportunity to
cut back on now again you can make a pass you have time and space to get your head
up find options or just take it to the net again. Always think taking the puck
to the net you might find an open player that you can move it to but continue to keep that momentum going toward the net and giving yourself a a scoring
opportunity. Another option as you’re picking up that
puck here down low is initiate body contact. So, if
that defenseman is close on you and if you’re both going for the puck
here and you’re both racing and it’s a 50-50 puck, don’t allow that
defenceman just to put a body on you and pinch
you up. What you need to do is you need to initiate body contact about a stick length of the way before you
get to the puck. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to throw a shoulder into that defenceman.
What I mean by initiate body contact is that you’re going to start to lean in. You’re going to lean in and put
leverage and pressure on that defenseman. So, now as you get to that puck he’s on his heels and you can cut off one way or another
or you can continue just to maintain puck protection by leaning in and using your body to protect the puck. staying off the board. What you want to do is you want to stay off the board because as soon as you get along the boards and it’s a one-on-one situations, it is going to be really easy for that defenseman to pinch you up. So, as you are both coming in for the puck here, when you get about a
stick length away, that’s when you want to initiate body contact. Don’t let the defenseman initiate
body contact and again you have some time and space. Once you initiate body contact you have time and space, you can
accelerate out of that with speed with a cut or your possession of the puck you can find an open player. So that time and space is going to allow you to accelerate and create an opportunity for
yourself or find an open player. The first thing that you want to do is when you get to that loose puck or
before you get to the loose puck is that you want to initiate body contact. Don’t get
to the puck and make a 50-50 puck and then allow
yourself to get pinched off by the defenseman and the defenseman gets possession of the puck and brakes it out. So, you initiate body contact first. Don’t get interference call, you’re not
throwing shoulder into him. You’re just leaning in and you’re using your body, you are forcing that defenseman to back off and that’s going to give you the time and
space to be able to make plays down low. Watch players in the NHL do this they’re
great. The debt best players down lower are great at initiating body contact. That puck could just be sitting there and
they are initiating body contact without even getting to the puck yet. In a perfect situation you don’t even have to touch the puck. You are essentially just shielding that forward from getting to the puck first and you’re initiating body contact. And that is what the best forwards down low are able to do. Players in the
24/7 Hockey Academy membership, you guys have an assignment specifically for how to initiate body contact and how to
add this tactic to your game.

7 thoughts on “Hockey: TRY THIS to Score More Goals

  1. Hey, I wanted to ask you a question, I have been in a situation before where the puck is in the corner and you are racing the offencman to get that puck, but you cant really take the route of angling ypurself along the bpards and then getting the puck, so when im racing with the offenceman, I take a quick look at him and usually he is right beside me. The only option left is to go at him and make body contact with him so he dowsnt come up behind you and ram you in the boards since u are going straight at them. I have done that a couple times before and it led me to getting the puck, but it isnt a very safe way to do so because you can get rubbed out by him and you will end up in the boards at the end. Is there a better way to take that puck in the corner while racing that offencman to get it? ( I play Minor Bantam, Big guy, 13 yrs old, AA, Defencman)

    Thanks, I just wanted to know if there is a smarter and a more efficient way to get that puck.
    I am racing the offencman, so we are both scating as fast as we can too, we both ussually make it there at the same time, but one ends up in the boards..

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