Hockey vs. LSSU Highlights 2-23-18

Time for the starting goaltender matchup
first down to our left for the Lake Superior State Lakers got a 963 save
percentage over his last two starts nick tops off in between the pipes he catches
right little unorthodox and different from what you normally see
so we’ll see what he has to offer in between the pipes he has certainly
stabilized of late to our right Darren Smith had a tough start last Friday
night where’s the big red number one out of Barrie Ontario the junior looking
about back you’ve been good here in the second half and the Bulldogs turned back
to the veteran to see if he can get him a big-time win the Bulldogs three points
gets him into the playoffs falls down in a heap in the corner Maloney has it
tries to get it out to center ice and he does to Jo route Kowski over the blue
line there’s Mack and down the right side trying to cut in front of Kyle those 501 tops off and the Bulldogs on
the board first glory Mackin not going to waste any time
tonight and Ferris State off to this one nothing lead and that’s what you have to
do head coach Bob Daniels said that this Lake Superior State team is the hot team
so you’d expect them to come out hot not tonight Ferris State scores first in the
first minute only 45 there by Erickson taken down in the heap and Tackett has
it loose in front Doris is there turns the milk killing shoots in a great save
by Kossoff right Pat came down and made a good one tie ball into the middle
rolls in on goal and stick to the corner there by Smith is wasn’t a shot I think
it was a pass that inadvertently slid all the way in and cuts the goal stop by
Smith rebound it’s loose and they blow it down I don’t think it went in the net
nobody’s celebrating down there I think Darren Smith just made an unbelievable
save direct and womp nice defensive play by head foot recktenwald fanned on the
clearing attempt in hand kept it in Jake can down the wall top of the slide whoa
what a glove save fight Smith snared it out of thin air what a save there on
Jake Kane who is wide open at the hash marks Darrin Smith just brought a couple
fans to their feet at with that save and flashing the leather right there was
there Ruggiero was wide open there dropped it back Maloney long shot
deflected wide in the gold air Kalin turnitin front ends up deflected behind
the cage baloney tried to play it in front there’s a chance scores for Eve
Atkins got it second all want to play from behind the goal it hit tops off in
the arm and drop behind him – nothing Ferris stage glory Mackin did not waste
much time in the first period 45 seconds not even three minutes into this period
he gets his second of the night second for the Bulldogs as they’ll double their
lead here with 17 22 to go in the second period and how about that four straight
wins for Lake Superior State in fair state has something to say about it
the Bulldogs excited to be back at home here and they’re getting some home
cookin from back in here doing some work on the Lakers here up top kept in here
by Clark Clark dances down we all lost it now Clark is gonna try
and put it in front of the goal to fly get scored oh my goodness of all guys
throw the monkey off and the boys love it gotta tell ya that is a goal
regardless of who you are in the college hockey world that you love to see started with the great play by Kent in
front of the Lakers Souter antes is they’re trying to twist it behind the
Bulldog goal he falls down kuleana turnitin front Sackman in the backhand
shot blocked in front stop by Smith rebound Smith another one hangs on for
the draw 1915 to go in the third Darrin Smith take a bow kiddo i Smith the reach
to stick out to the right of his goal near sign gage Terrell has it Terrell’s
got a little room turn it in front loose at the top of the crease Smith and they
score they fade this stuff but it came loose and they bang it home and the
Lakers are on the board on the power play with nine eleven to play that was
just one of those where there’s a lot going on in front of the net there to
himself and now turnover the Lakers out to center ice gage Terrell it’s a
two-on-one with Nellis Terrell fakes a shot shoot today by Smith whoa
Darrin Smith gloved it down gets the witzel with three 18 to play great save
by Darrin Smith there with the 3-1 lead the Lakers have the opportunity to make
this 1 3 2 with 318 to play and that is a very tight hockey game that the
Bulldogs probably don’t want to have to be a part of right there and let’s the
clock lead down loose in front of the goal there for a second ku glee edit
hopped over his stick Julieta lost it to recktenwald
recktenwald got it he plays it to the near side for Norris Norris is in it’s
going to be an empty net goal Ferris State it’s going to the WCHA playoff
they clinch it with a win tonight over the Lake Superior State Lakers I have to
say Lake Superior State came with everything here in this third period the
Bulldogs came with a great game plan tonight they get the win
they’re going back to the playoffs a good feeling down in that Bulldog locker
room and at the other end of the ice the Lakers are just gonna have to sit and
wait and hope to get some help as the two sides will shake hands here and a
cleanly played game which is the important part
and a big win

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