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dailies are Nikhil Naz our top stories from the world of credit today our David Miller stars a South Africa claims t20i series against Pakistan Jason Holder suspended for saint lucia test and Sarfaraz same are unhappy with outcome of Fela controversy David Millar smashed an unbeaten 65 from 29 deliveries in South Africa beat Pakistan by 7 runs to take an unassailable tuna lead in the t20i Series chasing 189 to win Pakistan were cruising at 147 to 1 after Barbara Azam and who sailed a lot put on underling 2 for the second wicket however Azam fell 10 Ron short offers made into 20th century and South Africa clinks the t20i Series the two sides will meet for the third and final t20i at centurion on February 6th West Indies will be without their captain Jason Holder for the third test of the series against England after the ICC suspended him holder was helped responsible for a steam store for 8 during the win in Antigua West Indies wrapped up the three map series with a second successor win this time by 10 wickets within three days in Antigua they won the first test in Barbados by 381 runs within four days as holder starred with an unbeaten 202 the man likely to step in for holder is vice captain Craig Brett wait who led West Indies in two tests on their total Bangladesh last year which hold on is due to injury Sarfaraz a mod is unhappy that his remarks directed at Andy developed why were turned into a bigger deal than it was after addressing the press for the first time since returning to Pakistan shot frost claimed that fellow choir had not considered his remarks racist and was more offended at what he initially perceived as a comment about his mother Sarfaraz insists that he had not said anything offensive about fellow choirs mother and explained the context to him don’t forget to Like share subscribe and leave your comments in the comment section below click on the bell icon for notifications

20 thoughts on “Holder suspended for 3rd Test in St Lucia | Daily Cricket News

  1. ICC is stupid organization, Holder did nothing wrong, match was over in 3 days, wtf that suspension, everyone got entertained fie the match absolutely unfair to suspend him for match

  2. Icc is the puppet of England,no doubt they feared the Mighty Holder to continue his fame in this series and destroy English team lol…..

  3. The Engish team don't want a whitewash. But West Indies will still whitewash them without Jason Holder. Sorry England this cheap trick will not work against West Indies.

  4. Everyone thought that England will whitewash West Indies but sorry England, this West Indies team is lead by a brilliant leader in Jason Holder.

  5. Noone expected the West Indies team to play like this. Not the England team. They r stunned no doubt about that.

  6. I wonder if ICC Stand for IDIOTS CRUELTY and CONDEMNING.because that's preposterous to suspend Jason Holder for slow over rate.when the game finish in 3days..no matter the rules..

  7. They are trying to help England save the blackwash..but we gonna still whip them under their skin like how they do us in slavery days..

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